Vitamins and Minerals Derrick Hawley

Water Soluble - Dissolves in water
Vitamin B (Folic Acid) - Helps the body make new cells - Dark greens and leafy vegetables - Spina Bifida
Vitamin C - Protects body against infections - Citrus fruits and broccoli - Scurvy
Fat Soluble - Dissolved in fat
Vitamin K - Helps blood clot normally - Lettuce and green leafy veggies - bleeding and bruising
Vitamin A - Promotes good vision, hair, and skin - Red, orange, and dark green veggies - Night blindness
Vitamin D - Maintain bones and teeth - Milk and sunshine - Rickets/bowed legs
Vitamin E - Protect membranes of red/white blood cells - Fruits and Vegetables - Poor nerve connection and neurological problems
Calcium - Strengthen bones and teeth - Milk and grains - Osteoperosis
Iron - Make blood cells, help muscles store and use oxygen - Animal products and green, leafy vegetables - Anemia
Sodium/Potassium - Maintain fluid balance in body - Salt and fruits/veggies - muscle cramps and irregular heart beats


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