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Countdown to 2021 Annual Town Meeting and Annual Town Election

The 2021 Annual Town Meeting starts on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 9:00 am at the Backus Playing Fields behind the Nantucket Intermediate and Elementary Schools. Voters should have received their warrant with Finance Committee and Planning Board Motions by now. If you have not, you may access it here. There is also a “Voter’s Guide to the Warrant Articles” on the Town website. Both documents will be available at the Town Meeting. The following are places to get more information about Town Meeting:

The Town website contains:

  1. The Town Meeting & Election Warrant as adopted by the Select Board*
  2. The Town Meeting Warrant with Motions from the Finance Committee and Planning Board (this is the document that voters receive by mail)*
  3. Town of Nantucket videos explaining some of the capital project articles
  4. Video from the Town Clerk introducing what to expect at this year’s Town Meeting
  5. “What to Expect” at this year’s Town Meeting document
  6. The Voter’s Guide to the Warrant Articles
  7. The Capital Program Committee’s Report on the Capital Articles
  8. The Town’s FY 2022 Budget Message


Nantucket Civic League-sponsored annual “Meet the Articles” Forum – Saturday, May 15, 2021. Town officials and others explain and/or give views on warrant articles

Town of Nantucket May 18, 2021 General Information Session regarding this year’s Town Meeting

Finance Committee May 24, 2021 General Information Session regarding its motions on the warrant articles

*At different times in the Town Meeting preparation process, the “warrant” can mean a different document. The Select Board adopts a Town Meeting and Election Warrant which is meant to be a notice to voters as to everything that will be before them at Town Meeting and then, the Election. This typically happens mid to end of January. This year, however, due to the COVID pandemic, this happened in February. At this point, the warrant does not have any Motions. Those are developed after adoption; and, following necessary public hearings to give the public a chance to comment on the articles before the Motions are finalized. Once the Finance Committee and Planning Board have finalized their Motions, these are added into the warrant , which then becomes the document that we use at Town Meeting so that we can see the articles and Motions in one place. NOTE: I often hear people (including me sometimes) say “Article (#) was approved at town meeting”. Technically, the vote at Town Meeting is on the Motion made to the article. Sometimes, there is a difference between the article printed in the warrant - and the Motion. We try to make clear what that difference is, through a Comment or formatting means, such as strike-out or highlight. Also, after Town Meeting (or even during), if you want to know what happened with an article, you need to find out what the Vote was. Sometimes, the vote is not the same as the Motion because it was amended on the Floor or in a Technical Amendment.

The 2021 Annual Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15. Voting hours are 7:00 am – 8:00 pm at Nantucket High School. The items on the ballot may be found here.

A common question that we receive is “Why aren’t the amounts for the Debt Exclusions shown?” The answer is that Debt Exclusion language is strictly regulated by the state. Towns are not allowed to include the amounts. Towns also may not display or provide information about the amounts AT the election. The following is a list of the Town Meeting Warrant Articles that are contingent upon Ballot Questions (NOTE: these are the amounts in the Finance Committee Motions – which are subject to change and are not final until voted at Town Meeting):

Article 10 – Various Capital Items (contingent upon a Capital Outlay Exclusion – Question 7)

Article 11 – Improvements to Newtown Road (contingent upon a Debt Exclusion – Question 2)

Article 12 – Reconstruction of Lover’s Lane (contingent upon a Debt Exclusion – Question 3)

Article 13 – Children’s Beach Stormwater Pump Station Improvements (contingent upon a Debt Exclusion – Question 4)

Article 14 – Supplemental Appropriation for Nobadeer Field House (contingent upon a Debt Exclusion – Question 5)

Article 15 – Our Island Home Operating Override (contingent upon Question 1)

Article 24 – Affordable Housing Programs (contingent upon a Debt Exclusion – Question 6)

Tax rate impact information

Mark Voigt

Town Facilities Director Mark Voigt passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Mark was a 20-plus year Town employee. Not only was he dedicated to his work for the Town, he was deeply invested in the Nantucket community and volunteered with several organizations, including Nantucket Little League, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Nantucket Scholarship Committee. To his co-workers, Mark was known first and foremost as a family man. He consistently maintained a positive outlook, remained always curious, and was a wealth of knowledge - particularly of Nantucket history. Mark will be greatly missed by his Town of Nantucket family and our thoughts and prayers are with his own family. We miss you, Mark.

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