The realization By: Nao Maeshiro

3 LHS soccer players, Sophia Rodriguez, Kevin Girarad, Sam Sheikh "Jerseys, Equipment, and practice placements favored the boys." -Sam S.
JV baseball player, Evan Cooper "Boys have a nicer dugout and bullpen, and we have 2 batting cages unlike the girls." -Evan Cooper
Image of boy's baseball dugout included with fake grass, wooden benches
Own personal shelf to use at player's leisure at baseball dugout.
Another thing in boy's baseball dugout, a bulletin board!
Picture of girl's bullpen
Picture of girl's dugout with concrete.
Picture of a storage room for boy's baseball.
Picture of boy's batting cage
Picture of Leigh CCS winners, not one girls team included
Pt. 2 of only boy's CCS wins

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