Isabela's sleeping story By: isabela NObre


Isabela loves to sleep and she so does it too often. Her mom was getting tired of her always having to wake her up so she thought of an idea. The next day Isabela's mom told her that she sleeps way too often and that she should maybe start tracking how long she sleeps. Isabela though, thought the idea differently and thought her mother meant how long she could sleep for, so she did.


We should first start out with an equation aka the rule. Now the rule usually follows the formula that makes a straight line, y=mx+b(m is the value of the slope of the line, and b is is the point value of where the line intercepts the y axis also called the y-intercept, the x is the input and the y is the output)

Isabela will be counting her full sleep schedule and she sleeps in the morning, afterschool, and night(As well as Isabela has a habit of sleeping the same much of time). So the M will be 3 for all three of the times she sleeps, and the B will be 10 minutes for how long it takes her to wake up. The X will be the hours and the Y will be the total sleep time of the day.

Rule: y=3x(hrs)+10




How this relates to my real life situation/real world life situation

Now I'm very often known for being a very heavy sleeper. In fact, I love sleep so much that I'll sleep at 9:00 P.M and wake up at 10 A.M! Or even sometimes on weekends, I sleep at 2 in the morning and wake up at 1 in the afternoon! As well as in the real world, people, and in usually middle schoolers, high schoolers, and workers ususlly love sleep because they don't get much of it, or as well are too busy. But all in all Iove to sleep and I hope you liked my slope project!

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