The Middle Colonies Johnathan R.

Where you are as free as your religion!

Reason For Founding

The middle colonies were founded mostly because people wanted to set up trade routes to get goods from England and send goods from the colonies back to England. It was also founded because people wanted to live safely and not to be persecuted by the Church of England.

Trade Routes


The Middle Colony's geography has cold winters and long, hot, humid summers. It has natural resources like rivers, valleys, forests, iron, and copper. The ground has rich soil and there are long growing seasons witch made The Middle Colonies great for farming.

The Middle Colonies had thick, vast forests.


The economy in The Middle Colonies was mainly based on jobs like shipping and trading. There were also jobs like mining, farming, lumbering, and shipbuilding.

Shipbuilding was a major industry in The Middle Colonies


Religion in The Middle Colonies was part of the reason they started. In some colonies, you were forced to practice a certain religion and go to church many times a week. But in the middle, you could be any religion, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, anything! Because of that many people moved to The Middle Colonies.

In some colonies, you were forced to go to church.
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