Examity - Rules and Requirements of Taking an Online Proctored Exam Adobe Certification & Credential Management System

Remote Proctoring Rules

Maintaining the integrity of our exams is as critical with exams that are proctored remotely as it is with exams taken at test centers. Just like our test centers, the following rules apply when taking remote proctored exams:

  • You must not speak with anyone during the exam.
  • You must not have any paper or study materials in the testing area.
  • You must not discuss, reproduce or attempt to reproduce exam questions or items after the exam with other candidates or on social media.
  • You must not use a cell phone during the exam.
  • You must not take photos during the exam.
  • You must not wear headphones, earbuds or smart enabled devices.
  • You are not allowed to have food or drink at any time during your exam.

Test Taking Room Requirements

In addition, the location where you take your remote proctored exams must meet the specific requirements:

  • You should not take your exam from coffee shops or public places where there is heavy traffic or noise. Also, there should be no one else in the room with you.
  • Your desk should be clear of all notes and electronics. Your testing location should not be a cubical or carrel.
  • If your testing location has any transparent walls or doors, they must be covered before you will be allowed to take your exam.

System Compatibility

To check your system compatibility click here

Also make sure you read Adobe Certification and candidate Agreement here

Approved equipment for exam includes:

  • Standard or ergonomic QWERTY keyboard.
  • Wired or Bluetooth mouse.
  • Webcam, attached to laptop or separate.
  • Laptops that are docked to monitor, keyboard, mouse, and webcam are OK if laptop is closed so only one monitor is visible.

Violation of any of the rules may result in termination of your exam. Your fees will not be refunded if your exam is terminated.

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