Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman was born in November 6, 1494 at Trabzon, Ottoman Empire. As he was growing up, at 7 years old, Suleiman was sent to study science, history, literature, theology and military tactics in the schools of the imperial Topkapı Palace in Constantinople. He also became fluent to six languages: Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Serbian, Chagatai Turkish, Farsi, and Urdu.

Political Life: Suleiman is notable for his military and naval achievements that helped expand his empire from Asia across to North Africa. Jewish history holds Suleiman in high esteem due to his commission and rebuilding of the walls that still surround Jerusalem today.

Under Suleiman, popularly known as “the Magnificent” or “the Lawmaker,” the Ottoman empire reached the apogee of its military and political power. By the end of Suleiman reign, Ottoman hegemony extended over a great portion of Europe, Asia, and Africa.





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