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As of 2009, the Illinois General Assembly Public Act 095-0869 requires all students in third grade and above to learn about internet safety topics. In today’s technological society, students need to be educated about the positive and negative side of the internet.

Empower the 21st Century student to conduct appropriate, responsible behavior when using technology, to reflect critically on their digital lives, and learn basic and advanced web skills. These resources will educate K-5 students to have a better understanding of information literacy, cyberbullying, privacy, digital footprints, copyright & plagiarism, and internet safety.

Internet Safety Books at Crosby

Internet Safety Online Resources

Internet Safety Topic Lesson Ideas


Going Places Safely @ Common Sense Media provides additional resources to teach the introductory concepts of what the internet is and what 3 rules should be used when using the internet.

First Grade:

Cyber-Five is a short animation which introduces children to five helpful rules to be safer on the internet. Join Hippo and Hedgehog as they introduce and review the five rules. There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of the animation for assessment. The Cyber 5 story concept is by Jillian Palmieri of

Little Bird's Internet Security Adventure @ Topics include how to deal with pop-ups, requests for personal information, on-line bullies and spam websites, as well as the constant refrain, "ask your parents". This ebook is a perfect to introduce the topic of Internet security

Second Grade:

Little Red in cyberspace

Safe use of internet Little Red in Cyber Space tumble book via Crosby Student Resources Page This is a great fractured twist on the classic fairy tale that helps teach children about safety in cyberspace. It's a cautionary story that shows that there are dangers out on the web, but it's not too scary.

Third Grade:

Professor Garfield ¨internet safety expert¨¨Cyberbullying” video: Nermal looks at the “Animal Idol” website. He is upfor “Idol of the Year.” Nermal is excited to see new comments posted, until he reads the mean words. Professor G educated Nermal on how to react, print the screen for proof, and report online bullies. ¨Online Safety¨ After buying a issue of the Pet Force comic book, Nermal goes online to the Pet Force message board. Excited to connect with other fans, Nermal starts chatting with someone he does not know and is asked to meet in person. Professor Garfield enters in who talks to Nermal about keeping his personal information safe online. (Online Safety requires a free account through the website, but the cyberbullying site is available without a login)

Intro to Copyright Laws

Fourth and Fifth Grades:

Safe Use of the Internet @

Cyberbullying: Read Patricia Polacco's Bully and answer questions about how Lyla (the main character), the popular students, and other characters respond when Lyla is cyberbullied. Review Student's Code of Conduct - Rights and Responsibilities after reading

4th Grade Copyright Laws @

4th Online Scams @ This lesson will explain keywords that students should know to avoid being a victim of online fraud.

Protecting the rights of creators

5th Grade Copyright Laws @ This lesson will explain how to tell the difference between copyright infringement and fair use of resources. It explains that the license is what details how a resource can be used.

5th Grade Copyright Laws @ This lesson will explain how to tell the difference between copyright infringement and fair use of resources. It explains that the license is what details how a resource can be used.

5th Grade Recognizing/Avoiding Online Predators @ ​ This graphic novel emphasizes the importance of students learning that you should never communicate online with someone that you do not know in real life. You can never be certain who you are talking to online and this story of Zoe and Molly cautions students to be on alert when someone tries to communicate with you within a computer game, social network, email, or any other online system.


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