Defending Donna Osborn Madelaina polk, corey bittner, bryce pitts, alex Greir

As lawyers, we are In defense of our client Donna Osborn, and firmly believe she is not guilty. The stipulations by prosecution and defense states "Clinton Osborn II died on February 14, 1991, at approximately 6:30 p.m. The cause of death was two wounds caused by 9 m.m. bullets". Mrs Osborne only shot her husband Clinton because she was threatened by him and without a doubt, as a mother, Dona Osborn was trying to defend her son Chip Osborn, as well as herself. We heard from Kim Lenore who was convinced Dona Osborn was abused. Mrs Lenore claims, "Dona Osborn was an abused spouse. I'm certain of it. Her life after marrying Clinton Osborn ll, completely fits the profile of a battered women." Further in the evidence for the innocence of Donna Osborn, that night, Clinton Osborn bitterly voiced "I know you've taken my gun. But id prefer to use a baseball you know what I can do to your head with a bat? Chip won't even recognize you". Comments such as those are alarming, shocking, and horrifying. This comment was most likely the reason Mrs. Osborn went into fight or flight mode and used defensive actions against her husband. My client deserves better and a conviction to this case would be wrong. Im asking for all of you to think and to do what is right.

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