Cherokee County Iowa County seat: Cherokee By Ava Brown, Iowa History 4th Period

Cherokee county is located in northwest Iowa in geographical terms, it lies between the woodland prairies and the high lands, the population of Cherokee County was about 12,072 as of the year 2010. The major cities are Aurelia, Cleghorn, Larrabee, Marcus.

One of Cherokee County's historical events is that it was named for the Cherokee Indians, in honor of the tribe. One of their most historical figures was William Grisham- he was one of the towns first commissioners.

Cherokee county is about 254.9 miles, it is about 4 hours away.

My opinion of Cherokee county is that it is a very interesting place, the origin of their name is cool and interesting, and I like it because I am part Cherokee Indian.

In conclusion: Cherokee county is a cool place to live, the population isn't too big, and they have a really cool origin for their name. They also aren't that far away from Albia, so we could just drive on up there for the day, and it would be great.


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