Yeast Bread Quinn Shereck

Basic Ingredients to make yeast bread

Ingridients in all yeast bread: Flour, Liquid, Salt, Yeast, Additional: Sugar, Fat & Eggs

Flour, Liquid, Salt, Yeast, Sugar, Fat & Eggs

Functions:Flour- structure Liquid- moisture to form gluten Salt-Activates yeast, Yeast- Rise, Sugar- food for yeast, Fat- tenderness, Eggs- binding Agent

Steps to Make Yeast Bread

  1. Mix the Dough
  2. Knead the Dough- develops gluten
  3. Proofing- Fermentation takes place
  4. Punch Down- releases carbon dioxide
  5. Shaping-according to recipe
  6. Let Shaped Dough Rise- let double in size
  7. Bake
Mix dough, knead dough, proofing, punch down dough, shaping, let rise, & bake


  1. Proof- let dough sit so fermentation can take place
  2. Fermentation- A chemical reaction in which carbohydrates are broken down into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.
  3. Gluten- The gluten in flour makes it ideal for baking, because the chainlike protein molecules of the gluten trap carbon dioxide and expand with it as it is heated.
  4. Oven Spring-When the dough hits the hot oven, it can puff up to as much as a third of its size in a matter of a few minutes. This oven spring is a good indicator of the crumb of your bread: more oven spring means a light and airy interior and little oven spring indicates a dense, compact crumb.
  5. Carbon Dioxide- released by baking powder or yeast makes cake batter rise
  6. Knead- Push, Fold and Turn with heel of hands. Kneading forms Gluten.


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