My Experience at the Theater By Dreyton lott

Introduction: I went into this experience unsure of what to expect. I have little experience with plays, but I hoped for the best. I took some pictures before I came in, and then went inside to meet my friend.
Spatial Experience: I'm not sure what I did expect the theater to look like, but it was a little bigger than I initially thought. There were lots of seats, and more people than I thought as well. It appeared that there were different rooms back to back on the stage as well, which helped change the setting when the play moved to places like the factory with different, but faint, backdrops.
Social Experience: Although not pictured here, I got to see my friend from high school who I hadn't hung out with in a long time. In addition, it felt nice being with so many UF students of the same age as we don't all gather together as a freshman class very frequently.
Cultural/Intellectual Experience: Intellectually, I think I got a much greater appreciation for theater majors than I previously had. The actors were incredible, and the work and research they put into their characters was incredible. In addition, I was exposed to a culture of the theater that I had never really experienced. The play really opened my mind to the art to theater, and I hope to go back and see another play soon.
Emotional Experience: I did not expect the play to take the twists and turns it did. The ending was different than I anticipated, and I didn't expect certain moments of despair and sadness. I actually came out sad at the end because of different elements of the ending, but I still greatly enjoyed the play.

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