who are the bbfc what do they do?

The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmental body which has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDs since the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984.

How many age ratings are there and what are they?

there are 7 age rating categories which are:

u-suitable for all

the bbfc think it is a U as it is a family film but it also has mild scenes of threat,including a sequence in which the main characters are chased by a giant squid. In one scene, a baby fish strays into a strong water current and is swept away, causing some brief distress. There is also a brief scene where a character believes she has lost her parents.

pg-parental control

the bbfc thinks that the bfg should be rated as a pg as it has cenes of mild threat in which a young girl hides from giants who are intent on eating her. This includes a brief sequence in which the girl has a nightmare in which she is dropped into a giant's mouth, but she then wakes up unharmed. It also has scenes of very mild violence, including some large giants bullying and throwing around a smaller giant.

12a- cinema realises suitable for 12 years and over

mums list is rated at 12a as it includes sex & duty , violence & core , alcohol , drugs , smoking and frighting intense scenes. The film is about A dying mother's life lessons to the husband and sons she left behind.

15- suitable for only 15 year olds and over

the bbfc think easy a is a 15😨 as here is almost-continuous banter between the teenage characters about such matters as losing one's 'v-card' (ie virginity), orgasms, breast-size and sexual fantasising. The film also contains a few references to sexually transmitted infections, with a rumour circulating that the imaginary boyfriend of the lead character "gave you crabs" and another character accusing the girl of giving him chlamydia. In one scene, a boy and girl pretend to have sex at a party, while others listen at the door. We hear them whooping and moaning and the girl pretends to beat the boy on the buttocks. so there for the bbfc dont think it is a family film.

18- suitable for adults

dawn of the dead i rated a 18 as it contains sex & nudity , violence & core , profanity , alcohol,drugs,smoking & frighting intense scenes. it is about a zombie apocalypse where they go round eating each other.

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