Hummingbirds & Middle School They might have some things in common!

I am a hummingbird ENTHUSIAST. I lam fascinated by these little fluttering beauties! I love the "humming-buzz" that is heard before it is seen, and I completely enjoy watching these hyperactive little birds chasing one another, fighting over a place at the feeder, and zooming through the air like a fighter jet appearing out of nowhere! I suppose it reminds me a lot of a middle school classroom: the sound of students interacting, the frequent and often constant movement, and the delight I find in watching them interact with one another.

It is SUCH a busy time of year! With STAAR tests approaching next week, and End-of-Course tests following, all students should have work to do, from projects, studying, and reading independently. Please keep them moving forward with their learning these last few weeks left before summer. We will also be working on our class book next month, including recipes, poems, travel articles and more. I'm hoping to finish it soon.

So, what birds are native to your home countries? Are any of my students and their family members bird watchers? If so, I encourage you to feed some hummingbirds. In years past, when I lived in Horseshoe Bay, spring always brought to my feeders between 30 and a HUNDRED hummingbirds each season. I miss them. I've tried to feed them in Austin, and they just aren't at home in large numbers in my neighborhood. Hummingbirds are territorial, and they will return to the same feeders year after year after they are established. -- And where there are hummingbirds, there are monarchs and other lovely butterflies. If you decide to hang a hummingbird feeder in your yard, begin with a mixture of 2 parts sugar and 4 parts water to attract them. Then change your mixture to 1 part sugar, 4 parts water to keep them happy...and take pictures! They're so much fun to watch!


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