ePortfolio Reflection for my own study

Prompt 1

Steps of how to complete my eportfolio

1. Holland-Code Assessment

Holland-Code Assessment paper which helps me to choose my research area.I got highest point in SOCIAL,so i choose health as my research topic. (JAN 24)

2. To find and choose a specific topic online

3. To find sources which support research question

Two sources which picked from my Carleton University online library (Feb 26)

4.Complete the eportfolio (Feb 28)

The most interesting part of building a portfolio is to put all information you've gathered in empty blanks of your eportfolio. It's a very challenge job you need to put everything in order because it's important to let all readers understand what research result you want to show them, all information mush be put logically, artifacts also can be placed in the portfolio which can help states the research question more clearly.And the hardest part of building a portfolio is to choose a particular topic in your research area.Because you not only need to consider the connection between your major and your research topic, but also the difficulty of how many sources you can gather for this subject.What I learned from this procedure is that "to think logically about the question you want to solve." Because in math which I took this year, it's important to show your professor that your solution is logical, you need to put everything you've gathered correctly to get a correct answer which is also important in eportfolio. What's more teamwork also a useful skill which i developed a lot from this process, and this skill also can be used in MATH which i took this year.Because math has lots of hard questions ,students need to help each other solving questions in order to understand better.

Prompt 2

The artifact i proud of is my business note book which contains lots of hard work inside it.

my note book

The artifact i want to change is the picture of the WALL ST in my eportfolio .Because this picture is not specific enough to show other people what actually my major (Business) is, it's better to put a sample balance sheet instead of this picture.

Sample balance sheet picked from my text book
The artifact i want to change


ESLA1900 eportfolio assignment it's a fascinating and helpful activity for international student language study. In this activity, the student must be very careful and cautious and here are something student must remember. First, student can't copy other people's work because that's called "plagiarize" It's a very terrible thing, every student have different ideas about different questions so for some questions student must think individually.But student also needs to learn about how to cooperate with each other, because in language study communication also is an important part which needs to practice. What's more, students are also required to improving the skill of selecting and evaluating one source.When a student is using a source which picked from the internet they have an obligation to cite and paraphrase it.For research proposal, the student must think logically.Because the sources which student selected must be put in right place to make it reasonable to support research topic, and it's also important for the student to state their research process clearly (logically) in eportfolio for others to understand better.

Prompt 3

Language learning is a long-term activity for language learners.Nowadays technology can help students to learn a new language efficiently.Just like the eportfolio which provides the international student with a technology platform.On this platform, the student can practice their several language skills like writing and talking using new technology like online-talking or online group chat which is very helpful to the international student.

The eportfolio process is a good way for the student.First, it provides student many types of research to finish.In order to do the research, the student needs to gather and read sources which can help practice reading skill. Eportfolio also need team works student share their ideas with others and receive advice from the teacher in this procedure student’s communicate skill and listening skill can be developed rapidly.What’s more portfolio process also required the skill of evaluating sources, student need paraphrase and summary one article even a whole book which can help the student develop their writing skills.

Learning artifact (make connection)

Steps of how to complete a Eportfolio research
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