Hurricanes Rylee cantu

Hurricanes usually form in late summer and early fall, when ocean temperatures exceed 80 degrees fahrenheit (27 degrees celsius).Hurricanes are first formed in a warm moisture atmosphere by swirling above tropical ocean water.A hurricane is a form of a tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm.A tropical storm is classified as a hurricane once winds get up to 74 miles per hour or higher.Hurricanes are the only weather disasters that have been given their own name.Most people who die from hurricanes die from all of the sea water.The eye of a hurricane goes usually 10 to 62 miles.

Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest hurricane since 1928.Hurricane Katrina was the third largest hurricane on record. Katrina was a category five hurricane. 1836 people were killed in hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina caused 81 billion dollars in property damage.Hurricane Katrina damaged about 90,000 miles . Katrina affected over 15 billion people.

Hurricanes can produce up to two million trillion gallons of rain/water a day.Hurricanes can also produce mild tornadoes which can last up to a few minutes.The term "hurricane" comes from the word "huracn". It is a Spanish word that means "evil spirit of the wind".Hurricane winds themselves kill more than other storms.If the winds are weak than they are called "tropical storms", but if the winds are around sixty miles per hour than they are defined as a hurricane.Hurricane Patricia was the strongest hurricane talking about the maximum sustained winds.Thunderstorms often occur after and during a hurricane

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There have only been four hurricanes that have directly hit Hawaii. The deadliest to hit Hawaii was Hurricane Iniki. Hurricane Iniki was on September 12th, 1992. Iniki was a category four. Iniki caused around 1.8 billion dollars of destruction and six deaths. Hurricane Iniki caused so much destruction that it cause the electrical power to go out for most of Kauai. The only thing that the weather people knew was that it was supposed to be just high surfing waves.

2005 had the most amount of hurricanes. There was a record of twenty-eight tropical storms. The hurricanes were on the Atlantic Ocean,Caribbean Sea,ad the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes are called various names. In Australia they are called " Willy-willies".

Make sure you have enough batteries and flashlights because the storm could take a long time. Make sure you listen for any alerts on your phone or TV.Also make sure your windows are covered with plywood.Secure any objects outside.Make sure you have water bottles.During the hurricane make sure to report any fallen down power lines.Stay away from windows and glass. Stay inside at all times even when the eye comes to you because it means the storm will start again. Also be prepared for possible tornadoes.

In the year of 2015 there were a lot of deaths. There were more than 1000 deaths in 2015. The hurricane El Nino was a sixty percent chance to last during the fall. Also in 2015 there were eleven tropical storms. Four of the eleven storms turned into hurricane.Warming in the eastern equatorial Pacific means lower number of Atlantic tropical cyclones.Warming in the central equatorial Pacific means higher number of Atlantic tropical cyclones.

136 knots.There are several hurricane category's. Category one means there is very little damage and winds from thirty nine to seventy three. Category three is a little more damage to the roof but nothing severe. Category three is damage to the roof and winds are a little more severe. Category four has very high winds. The wind speed is from 113-136 knots. Category.Five s very severe. a lot of damage is caused.


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