The Chocolate Moose Photos by Audrey Berns

Shelby Susnick, in her third summer as an employee at The Chocolate Moose, stands inside the small restaurant and smiles next to the ice cream. "My [favorite ice cream flavor] changes every week, and right now it's the cheesecake," said Susnick. "[The most popular flavor with customers] is the grasshopper, which is mint Oreo."
Employee Shelby Susnick scoops some homemade cheesecake ice cream into a cone for one of her customers, while fellow employee Kari Bland takes orders. "They started [making vegan ice cream] when I first started working here," said Susnick."A lot of customers can't eat dairy."
Employee Shelby Susnick gives change and socializes with a friend that comes through the line of customers at The Chocolate Moose. "[Since] we're downtown there's some interesting people that come by," Susnick said. "Some guy was walking around in his underwear once."
Employee Kari Bland makes a hotdog for a customer and makes sure she gloves her hands. "We serve sandwiches, hot dogs, and we have homemade and soft serve ice cream," said Bland.
Cancer survivor, Sally Amstutz, orders a vegetarian chocolate ice cream cone. She can't eat dairy, because that's what the cancer thrives on. "I don't really come here a lot," said Amstutz. "The lights went out in my house so I'm just trying to kill time, and my husbands at the golf course."
Kari Bland, three year employee at The Chocolate Moose, stands smiling in front of a wall of some of their many ingredients and toppings. "My favorite part about working here is getting the original customers that come here every week," said Bland. "[But] I'm really OCD, and everything gets really messy sometimes when we're busy."
Shelby Susnick, employee, hands out an ice cream cone to a waiting customer through the window of the restaurant. "On Fridays it can get kind of crammed [for food truck Friday]," said Susnick."We usually have 6 people working that day."
Customers wait in line to get their ice cream on this hot summer's day, while others decide what to order. The Chocolate Moose, open since 1933, serves customers a variety of food, from ice cream, to sandwiches. "[The worst part] is when it's really late at night but the line is still going on forever," said employee Shelby Susnick. "Sometimes it just feels like you're running everywhere for your entire shift."

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