Nature Activity at the FLMNH Amy Cook

Nature on Display: I found the Butterfly Rainforest particularly appealing. I thought it was incredible to be immersed in the habitat of hundreds of butterflies. I was able to truly appreciate these insects and learn more about them. The exhibit was set up beautifully. It was filled to the brim with greenery and it had a waterfall. It was breath taking to look up and see countless colorful butterflies soaring through the air above the trees. Being immersed in the butterfly habitat allowed me to learn about how these insects consume, move, and use camouflage. I really enjoyed the Butterfly Rainforest, and I would definitely go back there to absorb the beauty of the butterflies and their habitat.

Me and a butterfly!
Capturing the beauty of this butterfly.

Nature and Ethics: There were several times during my exploration of the museum when I considered the relationship between nature and ethics. One of those times was when I explored the ocean exhibit. There was a large informational poster devoted to the dangers that sea turtles face. When I absorbed the information on this poster I felt saddened by the dangers that sea turtles face. Most of these dangers are due to people and the negative things we do to wildlife. Pollution, dredging, and illegal harvesting are several examples of what we do that relate to nature and ethics that damage the ability for sea turtles to survive. I noticed that others around me at the museum were saddened by the man made difficulties for sea turtles. This exhibit reminded me of my ethical responsibility to nature, and that I should think about these turtles and work to make this world a safer place for them.

Ocean Exhibit.
Sea Turtles are threatened.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The FLMNH reminded me of the majesty and mystery of nature at multiple points. I was filled with both of these when I was exploring the Butterfly Rainforest, looking at the fossils, and when I viewed the Calusa family. The scene of the family instilled a sense of history and mystery in me. It gave me a better understanding of the human spirit as I could view a piece of human history. It was cool to see how the people of the past lived and worked. This scene made me and my worries feel smaller as I wondered if people of the future would look back on me and my life and take in its simplicity. The Calusa family demonstrated how people of the past lived as one with nature, and depended on it in such a positive way. Admiring such a scene gave me a better understanding of the majesty of nature and how it relates to the human spirit.

Viewing the Calusa family.
Learning about the Village MIdden.

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