The Secret Garden Crystal s2c 22


  • Title:The Secret Garden
  • Author:Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Publisher:Pearson Education Ltd
  • No. of page:60
  • Genre:Children's novel
  • ISBN:978-1-4082-0952-3


Mary is a unkind little girl. She doesn't like anyone. One day, her parents die and she has to move to Yorkshire, living with her uncle Mr Craven. She starts to change herself there— she becomes nicer. At first, she meets Ben Weatherstaff, who works in the kitchen garden, and his friend, the robin bird. Then she finds the secret garden that Mr Carven shut down long time ago. She meets Dickon and they work together in the garden. She finds Colin, Mr Craven's son one night. The three kids play together and the weak Colin gets stronger and healthier. Finally Mr Carven come back and the kids invite him and Ben into the garden, they live together happily.



I think the author wants to tell us we need to be nice to others. Mary is unfriendly at first but the servants there are nice to her, so she learns how to like people. And I think the secret garden is like Mr Carven's heart. He is upset because his wife died, but the three kids find the garden and open the door. Although he is far away, he suddenly feels better. Finally he and his son's relationship is better because he open his heart to others. So telling people about your feelings is important.


My favorite character is Colin Craven. It is because he tries hard to be good to people, and he doesn't give up himself. At first he thinks he will die, but when he know he is just a bit too weak, he does exercise to get stronger, just because he wants his father to see a healthy son. He cares about their relationship and I think it's sweet.

Colin Craven

The End

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