Ebola By emma kimps

Africa and Ebola

With Africa having a corrupted government it makes it extremely hard to have Ebola outbreaks. Most of the outbreaks occurred in the Gulf of Guinea and in Democratic Republic of Congo.


Ebola is a very deadly sickness that has no really cure and if you Aren't improving in at least seven weeks there is a large chance you won't make it.

Ebola ends with uncontrollable vomiting bloody diarrhea, and severe bloody noses. Ebola mostly weakens the immunize sadly there are no cures in fixing Ebola accept for drinking more and more fluids.

According to world heath organization at least 5700 people have died in Africa from an out break in 2016.

How did Ebola start?

According to the book Ebola fears and facts in 2003 a group of disease detectives found the Ebola antibodies in fruit bats.

Another detective found that a four year old girl ate one of the bats and got Ebola.

The detectives also found that Ebola was very contagious and had many outbreaks in Africa.

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