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Getting students ready with Ready Math

i-Ready is one way to personalize our students' learning!

This year, we have a math program to teach our core curriculum in grades K-5. Previously, we did not have additional resources to teach our math curriculum. Many of our classes were teaching different activities, lessons, and, though we used our district pacing guides, we weren't seeing an alignment that our students need for math instruction. Our growth scores and proficiency numbers aren't where we know they can be.

That's why we have chosen Ready Math. It offers both in-school and online math experiences. Lessons, activities, and assessments are created to align teachers with the curriculum and better serve our students. One piece of the online experience is that we are able to personalize their math learning; students work at their own pace and on their personalized needs.

What does this look like? We have students in first grade who are working on third grade concepts. We have struggling fifth graders who are working on goals that were showing up as gaps from previous grades and they're relearning those skills! Not only are we able to push our kids further, we are also able to fill in gaps and deepen their knowledge of grade-level skills. We are the only elementary in our district that is using a math program with this type of personalization and professional development.

How do we know it's working? Each student will now take a diagnostic to give us a glimpse into their readiness for grade level concepts. From the start of the school year until now, we continue to see classes mastering concept objectives. Halfway through the school year, we had 35/36 classrooms showing growth, and two classrooms who had 100% of their students scoring grade level mastery. Wow!

With any program, there are learning curves and mix-ups. But our roll-out has been extremely smooth due to the hard work of our teachers. The professional development that we have received has been excellent. As our teachers use the program, we will continue to improve our core math instruction. As our students use the program, they will continue to see how their own time and effort is helping them be more successful in their classroom learning. As our families become more knowledgeable, we know that students will feel supported and become math champions!

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