Pepsi Co V.S. Coca Cola Co By: Si-Rong Lin

STRENGTHS-1. Strong brand image 2.Broad product mix

WEAKNESSES-1. Low penetration outside the Americas 2. Limited business portfolio 3. Weak marketing to health-conscious consumers

STRENGTHS- 1. Charity marketing 2. higher products than pepsi 3. Locate and commonly known worldwide

WEAKNESSES-1. Brand image is associated with ‘high sugar’ carbonate 2.Lack of product diversification 3.Negative publicity

OPPORTUNITIES- 1. Focusing on health & wellness 2.Engaging in product diversification and brand extension 3. Packaging innovation

TREATS- 1. Consumer avoidance from soft drinks due to health considerations 2. Loss of market share to PepsiCo 3. Negative publicity due to water usage patterns 4.Changes in currency exchange rates

OPPORTUNITIES- 1.Business diversification 2. Market penetration in developing countries 3.Global alliances with complementary businesses

THREATS-1. Aggressive competition 2.Healthy lifestyles trend 3.Environmentalism

WINNER- COCA COLA= more profit and more customer loyatly& good worldwide marketing.

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