Saskia Muller Actor, human, artist...

The Film

The film "Saskia Muller" is a dramatic mocumentary short about a very passionate and overly confident actor and her craft. It will be a quick and intense look into Saskia's relationship with theatre, and how she approaches it. Saskia is the only character in the film and wil be the only one with dialogue. Using both scripted and improvised dialogue she will discuss things like drama warm ups, exercises, and techniques that the character uses, as well as her journey into theatre. The idea is to both laugh at and appreciate how far an artist can dive into their art form.

The Vision

Shot types: We will be using strictly medium to close up shots from a large variety of angles.

location: 102 drama class room

Members of crew: Saskia Muller- Actor, Matt Finely- Sound, Willa Milchem-bourne- Director, writer, producer.


Michael Chekhov's Archetypal gestures (physical theatre exercises) -

Michael Kane’s Masterclass (video of a an acting master class) -


Chris Flemming's video called "I am a theatre artist -

The mocumentary "Spinal tap” -


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