Dena Burton Collection Spring 2019

2019 is the year of Women. We are strong, fearless, powerful and most importantly we are well dressed. As Spring approaches, we would like to give our customers a little bit of insight and inspiration behind the Dena Burton 2019 Spring Collection.

~Together, We Are Unstopable~

In a recent interview, as the Creative Director and CEO of The Dena Burton Collection, I had the opportunity to share my inspiration and decision-making process behind the collection.

When i decided to do this Spring capsule collection, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the beautiful palm trees that stand talll and strong like the DBC Woman as well as the blooming flowers in all of their radiant colors. I definitely wanted it to be ultra femine yet powerful. I believe in the power of clothing having the ability to affect the way a person feels and I envisioned the DBC woman feeling super femine and strong at the same time in these pieces.

I wanted to do a twist on 60’s classics by using the same types of silhouettes of that era and modernizing it to be trending and edgier for 2019.

The embellishments were important to me because it added that something special to each piece that set it apart from the standard skirt, top, dress or jumpsuit. Of course for Spring it doesn’t get more feminine than to use a soft pink. This color is perfect for ushering in a new season as it’s bright and cheerful which are the emotions that should come with the new season. I was also motivated to use this particular shade of pink because it works well on all skin tones.

Lastly, it was important for us to get back to the basics, creating pieces of art so grand and carefully curated that when it hits your body you feel unstoppable. The Dena Burton Collection was created to make women feel so powerful that they can conquer the world all while still feeling femine and beautiful.

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