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Reconstruction begins

The war is over. Many forts, buildings, and properties have been destroyed and layed in ruins. Unionists believe that reconstruction is necessary for repairing our country, but most of the confederacy believe that the war should still be going on and that reconstruction is pointless. Reconstruction is the effort, after the civil war, to reorganize the seceded states back into the union.

Two presidential plans

Sadly about two months ago President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a man named John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln's plan after the civil war was to restore the union as quickly as possible. He wanted to offer a pardon to all southerners who were willing to swear an oath of loyalty to the United States. When 10% percent of states' voters had taking the oath, the state could form a new government and return to the United States. Andrew Johnson replaced Lincoln, and he remodeled Lincoln's plan. He set up a provisional government in every confederate state and appointed government officials.

Slavery ends in Texas

Yesterday, June nineteenth, general Gordon Granger and his troops arrived in Galveston, Texas and announced the emancipation proclamation. He declared all enslaved African Americans were to be set free. After the news was spread African Americans all around Galveston started to celebrate. They are calling this celebration Juneteenth. People were cheering, laughing, dancing and singing. It demonstrated their joy for their freedom. After all the celebrations Congress created the Freedmen's Bureau. It helped freed people find jobs, get an education and issued food and clothing.

New Texas governor appointed

Reconstruction has been rough and Johnson needs to appoint a unionist as governor of Texas. He appointed Andrew J Hamilton. Hamilton wants Texas to return to the Union as calmly and quickly as possible. At the constitutional convention of 1866 this Year, Hamilton appointed ex confederate leaders and people who supported secession. The convention was biased because all the delegates were confederates.

A new constitution!

Instead of writing a new constitution, the delegates amended the constitution. It states that slavery was to be abolished, freed people gained rights to own property and they can vote. It is giving freed people many new rights and freedoms. The ex-confederates refused to follow the 13th and 14th amendments. Instead they created black codes. Black codes are laws limiting the rights of African Americans.

Congress takes control!

Congress believes that Johnson’s plan for reconstruction isn’t strong enough and his plan won’t be able to reshape southern society. The former confederate states have created a group of Radical Republicans. The Radical Republicans is a group of republicans who believe that congress should direct reconstruction. To stay in power, the Republicans, are protecting the rights of freed people.

Radical Reconstruction Begins!

The Radical Republicans’ reconstruction plan is much harsher than the original plan. Their plan says that the existing governments in the South are illegal. They have spilt the south into five military districts and put an army general in change of each division. The military is going rule the districts until the states met certain requirements. The white southerners also have to take an oath the pledge that the individual had not voluntary served in the confederate army or aided the confederacy. This is keeping many whites from voting and any part of being in the government.

Freemen get vote!!

African Americans were determined to to exercise their right to vote. In Texas, freedmen worked to register other freedmen. By this year, 50,000 freedmen are registered to vote. But, some white Texas tried to prevent the freedmen from exercising their rights. The Ku Klux Klan is a secret organization of white men formed after the civil war that used volience and terror aginst African Americans. On october 12, 1868, the KKK attacked a meeting for African Americans about voting held by the union league. 4 civilians aare dead and seventeen are injured.

Reconstruction ends!

After a long couple of years, reconstruction ended in Texas in 1870. When the republicans still in charge, many white Texans dislike the high taxes and state police everywhere. But, finally this year democrats regain all control in Texas government and hope to stay in control for a long time. Most of the freed people are now living in rural areas around Texas.


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