Vocab. for Night unit Learn some words!

1. perpetrate

PER - pe - trate


verb, meaning "to carry out, to commit"

to be responsible for a crime, prank or misdeed happening

... perpetrate a crime ...
We often talk about a perpetrator, or, who perpetrated the crime?

connotations: negative


synonyms: perform, bring about, inititate

antonyms: to halt, to leave, to prevent


word analysis:

from Latin perpetrat- ‘performed’

from the verb perpetrare, from per- ‘to completion’ + patrare ‘bring about’.

from Latin perpetrāre, from per- (thoroughly) + patrāre to perform, perhaps from pater father, leader in the performance of sacred rites]

etymology of

Mid 16th century: In Latin the act perpetrated might be good or bad; in English the verb was first used in the statutes referring to crime, hence the negative association.

related words:

perpetrated, perpetrating, perpetrator

WORDS WITH THE SAME PREFIX, "PER" (thorough or complete) are perennial, persistent, persevere

word story/ word picture for "perpetrate"

"Who perpetuated this silly prank?" the teacher yelled.

On the other hand, the word could be used ironically, as in, "Who is the 'perpetrator' of the class collection towards a Starbucks gift card for me?!"


Ready for the next word?

2. indifferent

in - DIF - fer - ent, or, in - DIF - 'rent


adjective, meaning "unfeeling, uninterested"

can also be used to mean 'mediocre,' or 'so-so'
I don't care one way or another. I feel completely indifferent about it.
What. Ever.


connotations: usually negative, like, you should care but you don't or won't


synonyms: uncaring, unfeeling, appathetic

antonyms: concerned, involved, interested, passionate

word analysis:

prefix - "in" = not

root = differre "set apart"

etymology of "indifferent":
from Old French, late 14c., "unbiased, impartial, not preferring one to the other" (of persons), "alike, equal" (of things)
from Latin "not differing, not particular, of no consequence, neither good nor evil"
Extended sense of "apathetic, no more inclined to one thing than to another" first recorded early 15c.
that meaning of "neither good nor bad" is from 1530s
also, meaning of "neither more nor less advantageous," but since 17c. it has tended toward meaning "rather bad."


related words:
differ, difference
diffident, which means 'shy and lacking in confidence'


word picture

All the passersby turned an indifferent back on the homeless man.
She meant well, but the bland stew, lacking in flavor, showed that she was an indifferent cook.


Got it?
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