Newsletter 5th February 2021

Headteacher Comment

I am delighted to say that Live Lessons have now officially launched across the school and you will see in the Newsletter today that Year One learners embarked on their 'live' learning journey. If you haven't yet been able to access your child's live lessons, then please contact the school and we will help in whatever way we can.

This week has focussed on Children's Mental Health. Keeping in contact with the school, your child's teachers and class friends at Greenfields is something that helps everyone feel part of a wider community and feel a sense of belonging. This can be really helpful during times like this, and as we head to returning to school, keeping in touch is proven to reduce anxiety and increase excitement . We stay in touch with you by ringing you each week to catch-up - this isn't us being nosey, this is part of our welfare role as a school. Sometimes, our numbers are hidden because staff members are calling from home, but we will always leave you a message if we can. You can always call the School Office between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm and ask for a message to be passed to your child's teacher, or the Family Support Team - 01536 514622 or email: admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk

Mrs Appleby

Fantastic Live Lessons

Year One had their first live English and Maths lessons this week. The children were absolutely amazing at sharing ideas using the hands up function on Teams and produced fantastic writing. They have also used the chat function to submit answers to questions and vote for correct answers.

Lukas, Esmee and Chris

Arty Numbers

Year Two have absolutely loved our art project this week! We have made amazing pictures using the numbers 0-10 and transforming them into works of art.

Year Two

History of School

In Year One we have been learning about how school has changed over time. We looked at what school rules were like and then had a go at making our own posters. We also made our paper look old by staining and crumpling them. We decided that we would much prefer school nowadays!

Year One

'Star Pupils'

Year Six were wowed by a visit from Space Engineer, Sophie Allen from The National Space Academy. They discussed the myriad of careers in the space industry alongside a multitude of topics related to space. Among many things, they debated the ethics and practicalities of humans living on Mars, the possibility of life on other planets and current space missions. Sophie was amazed at the in-depth and insightful questions from our Year 6 students who showed great knowledge and desire to keep learning!

Year Six lesson

Nursery Take Care of their Health

Nursery have been having lots of fun finding ways to express themselves this week as part of Child Mental Health Week.' They have loved joining in with yoga, art, singing, dancing and baking.


Feeling Happy

This week for Children’s Mental Health Week the children in Reception have been talking lots about their feelings and emotions. They made a poster about all the different things that make them happy. They also all had a go at yoga and talked about how it makes them feel relaxed. Today they have learnt about celebrating differences by reading and discussing the Elmer story. To finish their learning about the story they created their own elephants in all different shapes and sizes.


Bean to Bar

In Year Four/Five, the children have been learning about the Fairtrade Foundation and the role it plays in making sure people who grow various crops get the best deal they can. As part of the topic the children have been learning how cocoa makes the transformation from ‘Bean to Bar’. The children were asked to create their own presentation of this journey, here is just a sample of the outstanding work produced by the children.

Year Four/Five

Children's Mental Health Week in Year Two

Year Two have absolutely loved CMHW! They started the week by thinking about how amazing they all are and sharing their special talents! They completed a range of challenges at school and within their bubble. The children used the Time to Talk cookbook to create recipes, played bingo, played games, went for walks and enjoyed activities with their families which help them to relax! They also made a ‘Wave Of Kindness’ full of positive messages and put these on their windows. It has been wonderful to see families sharing discussion about wellness and mental health.

Year Two

Year Six Look After Their Mental Health

We have had great fun marking Children's Mental Health Week at Greenfields this week! The theme of 'Express Yourself' was perfect for us at Greenfields! The children have loved showing their true creative selves through all sorts of expression, including music, art, dance and even mime!

Check out Arunali from Proud Lions fantastic artwork, expressing her thoughts and feelings:

Year Six

Choose and Chill is back!

Choose and chill has returned to Greenfields! Every Wednesday at 11:30am families can browse our padlet link posted on their Google Classroom stream for their perfect story. Each teacher joins children in Teams from all different classes across the school who have gathered virtually to hear some of their favourite stories retold by some familiar faces. Each week our stories are recorded for you to listen to again and again at home.

Videos of teachers reading their stories and many more resources for reading can be found on our Storytime @ Greenfields Google Classroom in the classwork section. Here you will find a range of resources such as newspaper/magazine articles, e-books, DRET Talk 4 Reading texts, audio books and more for you to continue your reading at home.

Year Four/Five working on Children's Mental Health Week

Here are just some of the many pieces of work from the children in Year Four/Five. Children have been sharing the ways in which they express themselves which has ranged from bird watching to dancing and spending time alone to reading with their families. Children also shared their emotions through drawings and digital art. Miss Kenny was particularly impressed with Eryn’s digital cartoon she made, which told us how her dog Cookie always make her feel good.

Year Four/Five

Year One in Mental Health Week

Year One thought of things that they can do to make themselves feel better if they are worried or upset. Some children said that they liked singing, others had quiet time in their rooms and some children enjoyed cuddling their teddies. Here are some examples.

Year One

Crazy for Cups….

This week Year Four/Five have really enjoyed the DRET challenge, children were asked to take part in a rhythmic performance involving a cup.

We had so many incredible performances so thank you to all who joined in. Miss Kenny thought she smashed it until Mr Hughes put her to shame with his faultless performance

Big shout out to Vaika and Daizi, we chose yours to be entered in the competition.

Year Four/Five Cup Challenge

Handa's Surprise

Nursery do Mental Health Week

The Two Years Old room in Nursery decided to show rather than tell how they took part in mental health week. Enjoy their video!

Message in a Bottle

This week Year Four/Five the children have been learning how to write a letter from the perspective of being stranded on an island. This is part of the Talk for Writing unit; ‘How to Survive in Extreme Environments’.

The quality of the writing had been truly remarkable, it is fantastic to see that children continue to make great progress, even when learning from home. Just take a look at their creative writing below, you will see that the children used personification, parenthesis, show not tell and exceptional vocabulary.

Brilliant job, Year Four and Five

Year Four/Five

Relax, Reception

The children in Reception have been thinking about what makes them happy, ways they can relax and how they express themselves! Incredible work everyone!


Celebration awards Awards

Star Pupil

  • Ladybirds - Harun
  • Busy Bees - Jade
  • Dragonflies - Dylan
  • Happy Hyenas - Hayden
  • Terrific Tigers -Anna Maria
  • Excellent Elephants - Dario
  • Smart Snakes - Ryan
  • Marvellous Meerkats - Grace
  • Cheeky Monkeys - Ellie
  • Remarkable Rhinos - Leo
  • Super Sharks - Elias
  • Champion Cheetahs - Isabelle
  • Proud Lions - Samuel
  • Soaring Eagles - Ted

Positive Points Awards

In first place for the most positive points is.......

Remarkable Rhinos

Positive points

House Cup

Congratulations to this week's winner.....


House points

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find Greenfields' amazing virtual classrooms full of chat and lots of hard work! If you have not used Google Classroom before, or you are new to Greenfields, please follow this link that explains how to log on to a PC, Android or Apple device. You will need your child’s email address and password, and the class codes below:

Home school agreement

As we become more used to our online way of working, we thought it was important to add to our home/school agreement (that you signed when your child started at Greenfields) to include online learning. Please follow the link below to complete this short addition relating to online learning with Greenfields Primary School and Nursery.

Class Code and Google Link

Teachers are looking forward to posting their ‘Flipping Greenfields’ videos this Friday in time for the weekend. Each one is all about next week’s learning, so will get your child prepared for a flying start on Monday. Research shows that children who feel prepared for the coming week are less anxious about school, happier to get up and go on a Monday morning and achieve better than those who are not.

Just a quick COVID reminder

Please help us keep the school and its community safe by:

  • Keeping to the pick-up and drop-off times, and limiting your contact with school staff at these times
  • Keeping your distance from other families in the playground
  • Following the one-way system
  • Wearing a face covering when you are on the school grounds
  • Limiting the number of adults picking up children to 1. If you have a teenager, or partner who is currently dropping off/picking up with you, please ask them to remain off-site.

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As per our Covid -19 risk assessment, the office is currently closed to visitors. This includes parents wanting to drop off any forgotten items such as packed lunches, drinks bottles and school bags. If you need to contact the school please ensure this is done by telephone on 01536 514622 or email at admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk.

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Please could you return to your child's class teacher any school books that you may have borrowed during lockdown.

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Wraparound Care booking

Wraparound care has been reserved for key working parents accessing school. If you require wraparound care please email admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk

Breakfast Club

Notification of price increase starting September 2021

As you know Greenfields offer wraparound care from 7.30am until 6pm every school day. Unfortunately, due to the continued strain on budgets we have had to increase the cost of Breakfast Club.

From September the price will be £3 per child per day. The £3 charge is used to staff the Breakfast Club regardless if your child attends at 7.30am or 8.15am. Of course you will still be required to book your place in advance of care required. Please understand we have not taken this increase lightly but unfortunately we have no alternative.

Virtual pupil progress meeting

This term, we are holding 5 minute virtual meetings on 23rd February to enable parents to discuss their child(ren)'s progress so far this school year. Please book via the MyChildAtSchool App. Click on the 3 red lines at the top left of the screen. Choose parents evening on the menu. You will need to repeat these steps for any siblings at Greenfields by clicking on the student at the top of the menu. You will receive link from the teacher to click on for the meeting.

MyChildAtSchool app

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Dates for your Diary

February Break - Last day in school is Friday 12th February 2021. School re-opens to the children on Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Virtual pupil progress meeting - 23rd February 2021 12:30-18:00

Easter Break - Last day in school is Friday 26th March 2021. School re-opens to the children on Monday 12th April 2021

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