Ah Sundays By: Abby Huonder

On Sunday morning I ate Coco Puffs and they were really good. I also drank orange juice. I woke up to eat at 6:30 sooooooo early.

I played Super Mario Bros with my best friend Sydney and we played for hours. We completed worlds 1-3 and only from 3:00-5:00. Also Sydney and I were laughing like crazy in world 2 because we kept throwing bales of hay at each other that would kill the character.

In this picture Sydney and I made a train for animals and I was the one pulling the train with the harness right in front of the Unicorn. It was so fun and we took the animals all over the house. We put blankets inside the baskets and I tried to carry my friend but she was too heavy.

Sydney and I played on the tramp after we ate dinner and that almost didn't end well. I fell off the tramp and Sydney almost through up but she didn't.

I finally got tired and went to sleep but my sister turned the light on and said you have to get up to turn it off and then she left. She is really mean but after that I went to sleep happily.

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