Roman Emperors By: cade herndon section: 27

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar grew up in a time where Rome did not know who to handle its power for him the only clear option was a dictatorship. His political career took off and by 63 BC a well known figure. He soon formed the big three fought Gaul and ended the Roman Republic. Cesar scored some early victories and became the dictator of Rome by 46 BC. He then adopted Augustus to secure his rule after he was killed by his own senate. Overall Caesar reigned from 46 BC to 44 BC.

Julius Caesar was important because he made Rome powerful and enforced a stronger system


Julius Caesar adopted Augustus when he was young, because he needed to secure the heir to his throne. After Caesar died he claimed the throne and secured an alliance with Marc Anthony, fought two of the bloodiest battles in Roman history, ended the civil war, but soon Marc Anthony was corrupted by Cleopatra. Soon after Rome invaded Egypt capturing the lands and forcing Cleopatra and Marc Anthony to kill themselves. Augustus finally kept the peace within Rome. His reign ended when he fell ill and died on a trip to Carpi. Overall Augustus reigned from 31 BC to 14 AD.

Augustus as important because he ended 100 years of civil war expanded Rome and kept peace.


After Tiberius died he claimed the throne many thought he would bring back the good ways of Augustus being his grandson. He did meet an enthusiastic rule for a while freeing slaves and getting rid of some taxes. Seven months into rule he had he fell ill which may have been epilepsy. He started acting strange and he eventually “conquered the ocean” by throwing spears into it and saying he conquered England. Eventually he was murdered by his allies for being an insane ruler. Overall he ruled from 37 AD to 41 AD and was one of most idiotic rulers Rome ever saw.

Caligula was important because he started out as a good leader and made Rome a better place for his citizens after Tiberius' reign.


After Claudius’ murder Nero became Emperor. Nero started out well by reducing taxes, giving more power to the senate and banning capital punishment. Eventually his mother tried to control so he had her murdered. The great fire of Greece had soon came and with it Nero’s actions grew wilder. He was eventually run out of Greece for being a wild and unruly ruler. Overall Nero reigned from 54 AD to 68 AD.

Nero was important because he made the Roman system more lenient for many people.

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