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Testable question

How much salt does a raw egg need to float?

Research: Eggs can float in water with salt. Eggs float at a certain amount of salt. For us it was 6 tea spoons of salt to float the best.

Hypothesis : If we put more salt into a cup with tap water then will the egg float?

Materials: salt, 3 plastic cups, a measuring cup, 3 eggs, permanent marker and a spoon, water from tap.

Procedure : 1. fill three of Mrs.Frainey's plastic cups with 1 cup of tap water 2. Add 3 teaspoons of salt to the first cup 3. Add 6 teaspoons of salt to the second cup 4. Add 12 teaspoons of salt to the third cup 5. Stir the water in each cup 10 times 6. Slowly drop one raw egg in each cup 7. Observe the eggs to see which egg floats 8. Record the data


cup 1: No change after 1 minutes 30 seconds

cup 2: It went strait to the top but hovered under the surface of the water

cup 3: It went up then came down after 3 seconds

Variable: we will add different amounts of salt in each cup.

Constants: The cups,eggs,tap water.

conclusion: We were trying to see if eggs would float in tap water while adding salt. We found out that 6 teaspoons of salt worked the best. When we tested our hypothesis it came true so it was supported.


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