Bell Work 1/9/2017 - 1/13/2017

Monday 1/9/2017


What is matter?

  1. Attach bell work handouts inside you science notebooks in the next blank pages available in your notebook.
  2. Write Monday's learning target in the "learning target" column in your bell work handout.

Learning Target

1. I can measure the mass, volume, and weight of matter using proper tools and correct units (SI).

Tuesday 1/10/2017


List 3 ways to describe matter beyond using your senses.

Learning Target

2. I can calculate density of matter given the proper tools.

Wednesday 1/11/2017


  1. What is density?
  2. Write the equation for density.

Learning Target

3. I can create a model to explain that atoms are the smallest building blocks of matter.

Thursday 1/12/2017


  1. What is the basic unit of matter? (List the 3 parts)

Learning Target

4. The I can classify matter as a substance, element, compound, molecule, or mixture.

Friday 1/13/2017


What are the 2 groups to which matter can be classified?

Learning Target

5. I can distinguish between pure substances, elements, compounds, molecules, and mixtures.


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