Miriam A GirlForward Story

My name is Miriam.

I think I was destined to come to Chicago. I was born in 2000 in Myanmar. We went to Malaysia when I was 9. We didn’t know where we would be after that. My mother had a meeting with a government person and told them she wanted us to go to the largest city in the U.S.

When we arrived in Chicago it was February. It was really cold. I loved the beautiful snow. We went through downtown in the snow with all the buildings with my whole family - all five of us.

I brought very few things with me from home. Grandma had made a thick, woven blanket. It’s the only thing we could bring with us. It has traditional Zo colors - green, red, white, and a bird that represents unity.

During the summer, I started to make friends. Dah blah was my first friend. She’s from Thailand, she was really lonely, and we felt really similarly.

My first experience with GirlForward was the Mentoring Program. I felt really comfortable. I felt that Emily, Ashley and Ms. Blair were like family to me.

I’m very curious by nature. My mom told me to study hard. I read a lot of books, and books help me a lot. That’s how I improve. My school trains me how to read and write, and Emily and Charlotte help me with my homework. I feel tired all the time. I’m envious of what other people have time to do. But I think about my past and think about what I want to do to help other people. I want to be a doctor to help my grandma, my friends, and people in the United States. I want to pay back my community for how they have helped me.


Illustrations by Cori Lin Art.

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