A Tour of the Harn Marguerite Bonhomme

Medium and Technique of the Art

Geographies by Celeste Roberge

At first Glance it is uncertain what you're looking at, but look closer and there is so much meaning to be found .....

If I were to have seen this in any other place perhaps in passing, it probably would not have attracted much of my attention, at first glance they look like eggs filled with junk. But place these weird eggs in the environment of a museum and one feels the need to further analyze and take the time to understand the piece. Once I read the description I was very impressed and somewhat baffled. The perception or interpretation of art is truly in the eye of the beholder, never would I have guessed that these eggs represented the origin of life. Each egg containing an element of this earth. Her simple technique and use of textures and materials made the concept feel so obvious, but then why was it not obvious to me at first? Artists have a way of explaining the concepts of their work through their techniques in a way that makes it easier for the viewer to understand, giving the viewer the allusion that the concept was something so blatantly simple. I wondered why Celeste created this piece, why she specifically chose to replicate the origin of life in this way. Nonetheless, I was intrigues and wondered how I would have presented this same concept.

Design of the Museum

Atmosphere is art too.

As I walked into each of the different rooms I realized that each one had a certain theme or aesthetic that coordinated with the exhibits it had on display. Variances in lighting and color were used by the curators and architects to create these varying themes. The first room contained the smooth wood floors and pale walls, giving the room a more bright and open feel and the paintings more depth due to their contrasting tones with the wall. However, in the second room the walls are beige with dim lighting while making sure to cast a spotlight both literally and metaphorically on the central topic of "Latin America" as a culture. Although not pictured, the African art exhibit was in a Maroon room, an intense color well suited for such a rich and colorful culture. The entire space was strategically designed to make the overall experience perfect. Every empty space and every piece of art made up the atmosphere.

Art and Core Values

Guerrilla Girls & the fight for feminism

The feminist movement through art

One of my favorite exhibits was that of the Guerrilla girls. It's big and bright banner, much like its message, caught my attention immediately. Its intention was to provoke a response from those who viewed it. Not everyone was impressed by it, as I noticed countless people walk through the exhibit and not take a second to look at any of the pieces. It was then that I realized that the exhibit represented the feminist movement. Such a strong and important message to convey but constantly disregarded. It was clear to see things need to improve when such a big space in this museum got such a tiny response from people. I believe that although people are handed facts and statistics on this matter, they will fail to acknowledge the severity of this issue until much time has already passed. The mere thought of this evokes the feeling of obligation i have to stand up and demand the change I want to see while I still have the time to do it. The images displayed sparked many emotions in me such as the picture of a tattoo on a woman's stomach, titled "I am Not a Persian Carpet #2" which refers to the stereotype of how Middle Eastern women are seen. It is challenging traditional views of how women are not to be seen and thus also speaks volumes about the issue at hand. This is a movement that is ready to be taken seriously and has made it's point through the medium of art.

Art and the Good Life

the mystery of self-reflection

In Good Life our first module discussed the theme of "Seeking" which focused embarking on a journey to enlightenment. It touched on the concept of starting over and seeing where life can take you and the benefits of new experiences. I found the same concept in this work by Toshiko Takaezu, White Closed-Form Vessel. At first glance it looks like pottery, an urn or a vase, but a closer look reveals that is more than that. It is a representation of Toshiko's life, a living part of her. Beneath the painted surface are her deepest thoughts and secrets, which would forever remain a mystery unless the vessel was broken. It was this thought that struck out at me the most, how she could be so vulnerable to this piece. Perhaps she wanted someone to break her secrets free from their prison. It would allow her to start anew, to not have anything hidden away anymore. In Good Life we see the importance of accepting yourself and making your path. In this vessel, we see how she risks exposure yet allows her art to set her free. In retrospect, I can now see that that is what art is all about. Art is not always about how you want others to feel about your creation, but how you feel when you create it, the feeling of indulging in the Good Life.

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