North America Created By: Sharon, Kendra, Arianna, Sydney


Mexico's economy is currently growing steadily. Some examples of this are less Mexicans are crossing the border and exports have been rising. There are many good things happening at the time but there are still several bad things. For example there are high rates of poverty along with violence stemming from the war against the drug cartels.


The relation between the U.S and Cuba have improved in 2015, which been stopped for more than half an century. It still remains uncertain though whether Congress would continue the trade , embargo on the Communist nation.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was opened for business this past summer. This followed the five billion dollar upgrade for larger and modern ships. It would be used for shipping items to people. This canal was built by the U.S control, 102 years ago, but was passed over to Panama in 1999. The canal had been a critical route for shipping around the world before this.

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