Diary of a Wimpy KId The Third Wheel Jeff Kinney by: byron Brown

Genre: Fiction

Biography of the author: Jeff Kinney's full name is Jeffrey Patrick Kenney who was born on February 19, 1971 in Fort Washington, Maryland. He is an American Game designer, producer, actor, cartoonist, movie director, and author of childrens book. he has won many awards including the kids choice awards for favorite book, Goodreads choice awards best middle grade & children's, and also the Dorothy canfield fisher children's book award. he is married to Julie Kinney and is currently living in Plainville, Massachusetts.

Setting: Middle school, and home

Summary:Greg Heffley is a middle child struggling through middle school and in this boom it is valentines day. at Greg's school there is a valentines dance. As Greg is looking for a date to the dance he is worried that he wont be able to find a date and he will be the only one there at the dance alone. As time approaches for the dance Greg finally finds a date but greg doesn't help his best friend Rowley get a dance so Rowley is now the only one without a date.

Description of the characters: Greg- middle child trying to make it through middle school. Greg's Mom- over protective. Greg's dad- Not in the book that much. Rodrick- is in a band and loves to play drums. Manny-little kid who doesn't do much. Rowley-follows greg around like a lost puppy but is greg's best and only friend.

theme: don't treat your best and only friend bad because eventually they will get tired of it and you wont have any friends at all.

Conflict: Greg and rowley are looking for a date greg finds one but rowley doesn't and rowley doesn't like that but Greg doesn't care and at the end of the book neither of them have a date

quotes: (1.)"Recently, mom came up with this ide called family night, i geuss the idea is to get us to interact with one another more so it rubs off on manny" Greg's mom is always trying to get the family to do different stuff together it contributes to the book because it shows how greg's mom wants her family to be a "family" (2.) "so mom told me i had to go get manny out of the tube because i'm the only one that will fit" this contributes to the book because it show's how greg's parents is always making him do stuff he does want to do .

Vocabulary words from the book: 1. Reeked- Definition- something that smells strongly and unpleasantly. 2. Frustrating- Definition- to feel upset or annoyed. 3. Especially- Definition- when you single out one person or one thing. 4. Nightmares- Definition- an unpleasant dream, afraid. 5. Allowance -Definition- when you get money by doing chores.

evaluation: I think that this book is a good book all of the diary of a wimpy kid books are and i would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes comic type books.

sources: http://www.wimpykid.com/about-the-author/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Kinney_(author)


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