Domain Eukarya Classification and taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia is one of the six different biological groups
Animals in the kingdom can vary from birds all the way down to turtles
Humans are among one of the 1 million species that make up the kingdom.
Animals are multicellular organisms.
All animalia members are mobile at one point in their life.
All members of the kingdom are hetertrophs.
Most animals reproduce sexually
They have eukaryotic cells.
Animals vary from ocean to land even the air.
The animal kingdom can also be called the metazoa.
Cells held together by proteins collagen.

Kingdom plantae

Plants can make their own food.
Plants are multiceller.
Plants are pollinated by bees.
Plants need carbon dioxide.
plants throw away oxygen.
Seeds are plants offspring.
Plants need light in order to stay alive.
Some plants can be eaten.
Some plants are predators.
Pitcher plants trap their prey.

Kingdom fungi

Fungi can grow after rain.
Fungi can hurt plants.
Fungi can steal plants nutrients.
Fungi can be dangerous.
Some fungi can be eaten if cooked right.
Fungi is multiceller.
Fungi can grow anywhere.
Some can grow in caves
They are all diffrent colors.
Mushrooms are decomposers.


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