Canbury School Newsletter 4th May 2018. issue 124

Dear Parents and Visitors

Thank you to all the families who have emailed and spoken to me welcoming our new Chromebook for Learning scheme for September 2018. It is more evidence of the exciting progress for our students and staff here at Canbury. Our Bursar will be forwarding more information shortly with regard to parents being able to access the scheme before September.

On Wednesday we had our whole school photo taken - individually. Due to the awful weather, the photographer took individual photos of everyone. These will be photo shopped into one big image. We're looking forward to seeing the final version and seeing whether we can tell the difference?

Caitlin is now in full preparation for the World DS swimming Championships which are being held in Canada this July. We are so very proud of Caitlin and of Ms Elena who supports her so wonderfully.

Today was our 'Getting Ready for Canbury' morning with our new Year 7 for September 2018 spending periods 1 to 4 with us. I have to say that it feels like they have been here forever already. They enjoyed Drama, Spanish, Art and PE and went home with their induction pack to review over the holidays in preparation for their September start. The final Senior Welcome Morning for Years 5 & 6 for this academic year is Wednesday 27 June. Please contact the Admissions Registrar Ms Boggi to book a place lboggi@canburyschool.co.uk or reception@canburyschool.co.uk

Due to the level of interest in the school, Ms Boggi is now doing additional tours of the school for parents and their children every Wednesday morning during term time. Please contact Ms Boggi to book a tour.

Last weekend was the practice expeditions for both Bronze and Silver DofE. I am beyond excited to announce that Canbury School will be participating in the GOLD Award from September 2018 delivered by the wonderful Miss Peters.

I hope you all have a lovely, sunny, long weekend and we look forward to everyone returning to us on Tuesday at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

Canbury means a lot to me. It means a lot to me as I can come to a place where I can be myself and be comfortable around teachers and my peers whether it is academically or socially. It also means a lot to me as Canbury helped me a lot when I first started despite having time off school and I was able to feel safe and happy being in a school environment that helps you in any way that you are struggling mentally or physically.

Eugenia, Year 10.

Students of the week

Year 7

Kiran for making an exceptional effort in his Physics homework. Keep up the good work!

Shaaiyon for his ability to spell ONOMATOPOEIA backwards at first attempt and with no practice!

Year 8

Alex for excellent answers to questions during Physics lessons.

Harry for an excellent presentation of his Easter project on 'Seeing in Coloured Light'.

Alex (for a second time) for scoring 100 on both the ixl tasks set for homework this week in Mathematics.

Alex (hat trick boy) and Armani for excellent work on the 'Complete maths' on-line programme.

Ellie for her excellent answers, ideas and vocabulary in English.


Year 9

Emily for consistently including context in her answers to questions in her Physics homework.

Year 10

Jasmina for her excellent piece of writing about sport and free time in Spanish in which she uses three tenses and complex language with such confidence.

Year 11

Omid for getting top marks in a difficult Physics test on the 'Particle Model and Springs'.

Year 11 Photography students for their excellent efforts in the ten hours of exam work this week.

Jack for 72% on a practice Mathematics paper.

Ben for 100% on the 3D Pythagoras paper.


Tuesdays after school, from 3:35 to 4:30, will be Mathematics Clinic day. Students will be expected to bring the question with them, so may need to bring a Chromebook or their blue book with the question clearly written down. This open session is for all Key Stages.


Congratulations to Year 8 for finishing their Biology and Chemistry topics. They have grown throughout the year and risen to every challenge. They will move on to a time of project work before revising for their end-of-year examinations, and will look forward to starting their GCSE Science in September. As a class, they are an absolute joy to teach.

A reminder to Year 11 to keep looking at their Google Classroom in Biology and Chemistry to find many revision resources.

House News

A big thank you to all the students who entered the April 2018 House Photography challenge. Ms Clancy had a very hard time deciding the winners!

1st Eugenia

2nd Caitlin P

3rd Ruslan

Highly commended Caitlin T

Top. clockwise - Winning and thoughful work Eugenia, Ruslan and Caitlin P.

All those who entered received certificates, raffle tickets and points for their houses. In addition, Eugenia was presented with a photography book for coming first and watch out for one of Caitlin P’s photographs to be featured on the cover of the student planners next September!

Mrs Rich

Letter 4 60 HP


Duke of Edinburgh Award

Writes Miss Peters:

WOW!!! What an adventure! The participants really rose to the challenge this weekend with the silver group heading out for three days and two nights, and the bronze for two days and one night camping.

Friday started with making sure all were ready to go with kit packed correctly and emergency supplies checked. The drive to Mogador in Surrey was about an hour, and once there the Silver expeditionists donned their kit and walked with Miss Peters and Miss Ross to the camp site in Box Hill. On the way they all worked hard to better their map-reading skills so they would be ready to be remotely supervised for the next two days. Saturday saw an early start with the group leaving to walk to Polesden Lacey before 9.30am. It was a tough day with sore knees, sore shoulders and sore feet but they did it! The next day was more cheerful as they were on the way home. All four did an amazing job! REALLY AMAZING!

Whether map-reading, trekking, perfecting first aid techniques or simply stopping for a moment to reflect on life or cat napping - the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is embraced by Canbury students.

The Bronze group met at Box Hill for their kit check and weigh in on Saturday morning. It was cloudy but no rain… thank goodness. They soon learnt that downhill with a pack is as hard as uphill! They won’t be planning their own route down such a steep hill. They also made a good decision not to go over the stepping stones with packs on and instead re-routed across the footbridge. After a break they crossed the busy A24 safely using the subway and learnt to look for the best way across main roads to stay safe then it was on to the next check point. It was a long and arduous journey but they arrived safely to cook their dinner and put up tents for the wet night ahead. Sunday they had to strike camp before walking to Leatherhead Leisure Centre to meet parents. Special mentions go to:

  • Pascal for his perseverance despite sore feet - he never moaned but was clearly suffering on Sunday.
  • Caitlin for really developing her team skills and supportive comments on Sunday.
  • Emily for great map reading skills.
  • Victor for a fabulous sense of humour and real determination to get to the end.
  • Alex for cracking the map! You thought you couldn’t do it Alex but you were really getting better by Sunday.
  • Matthew for being so dogged and determined throughout despite it being 'the worst thing ever'!Clearly it wasn’t!

HUGE thanks to the amazing staff too who really helped make sure the group got through their practice safely and successfully. Mrs Bowen, Miss Elena, Mrs Branney, Miss Ross and Mr Adams all helped to ensure the weekend ran smoothly.

The next one is the BIG one. June is the assessed journey and planning for that starts now. All participants plan their own journey and will need to attend training on a Thursday after school for this

Thank you for a lovely report Miss Peters, and for your own dedicated input. We've had a lovely message back from one of the parents, and thought we would share it with you. The DoFE scheme is a wonderful opportunity for young people. It's only down to our staff who so willingly give up their own free time to accompany these expeditions that Canbury students are able to take part in what can be a life-changing moment:

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for supporting our daughter throughout the weekend. She has had a fantastic weekend and she is clearly happy about how things went. She spent the entire journey home talking about how much fun it had been and it is such an achievement that she managed to fully participate, having only been at Canbury for a short while. I hope they all behaved for you (at least as well as you might have hoped for) and I very much hope you have relaxing evenings ahead!!"



Photography and Art

Our year 6 visitors had great fun in the Art room this morning crafting these beautiful clay models with Mrs Rich.

Other notices

Year 10 students have all received their placements now for this year's work experience. The next step is for them to organise an interview. This needs to be done as soon as possible, if they have not already done so. Please would parents help and support the phone calls for these interviews.

Meet the member of staff.......

Mrs Anindita-Beckham

.....in a section where we meet a familiar face who tells us a little bit more about themselves. This week, it's the turn of Bursar Mrs Anindita-Beckham.

What is your earliest memory?

Playing with my dogs (german shepherds) and thinking they were huge.

What's the very best thing about working at Canbury?

The people I work with.

Who would you most like to have dinner with? (Up to three others, alive or dead, famous or not, fictional or real....you get the picture)

Stephen Hawking, Einstein and Uzumaki Naruto.

Mrs Anindita Beckham's idea dinner guests - but are they in the correct order?

If you could travel back in time, to which period would you go?

Jurassic period.

What is the worst thing that anyone has ever said to you?

I can't remember, I must have blocked it out.

(What a good tip for us all!)

What is your idea of the perfect Sunday?

Back at home in The Philippines (if possible) and surfing.

Home DIY-er or get the decorators in?


Favourite subject at school?

Physics and Chemistry.

If you could change one thing at Canbury, what would it be?

To buy the house next door and give us more space.




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