Honoring our Forefathers & Foremothers By The Genealogy Kids

To honor your father & mother is a wonderful thing. To honor your forefathers & foremothers (your ancestors) is also wonderful. One of the best ways to honor them is to remember them, to think about them, to realize the amazing things they did. In our family, we asked the kids this question:

"Which of your ancestors made a difference in the world?"

Here are their responses:

NATHAN: Daniel Buckley Funk made a difference. He created the beautiful recreational park “Funks Lake” (aka. Palisade State Park) where our family likes to go camping.

BECCA: Ann Jane McCowan made a difference. I am amazed by her pioneer stories and the fact that she was a hard worker even after she went completely blind.

SAM: Harvey Ralph Hansen made a difference. He decided to build a rest home and took very good care of the people that lived there.

OWEN: Owen Lee Allphin made a difference. I like how he was an optometrist and jewelry store owner. I’m named after him!

As you can see, these ancestors have made a difference in OUR world … our family’s world. We love their stories. We think they’re amazing and we are so very grateful for the lives they led!

"Which of your ancestors made a difference in the world?"