Pinyon Pine Explore The Xeric garden @ Riverdale Regional Park

Scientific Name: Pinus edulis

Common Name: Pinyon Pine

Family: Pinaceae

Habit: Conifer, evergreen tree

Growth Form: Pinyon Pine tree characteristic is rounded or vase shaped. It reproduces from seed. Bark is fairly thin and ridged; light gray or red-brown, fissured. Needles in groups of 2; 1"-2" long; fairly stiff; yellow-green; evergreen, remain on tree 3-9 years. Twigs fairly stout; orange to brown colored. Buds small, oval, brown.

Mature Size: Height: 10'-30' Width: 20'-25'

Flowers: Flowers are Inconspicuous. Fruit a woody cone with very short or no stalk; 1" to 2 1/2" long; oval to round; reddish-brown; scales few and ot tipped with a prickle; seeds wingless and large, about 1/2" long, thin -shelled, edible.

Hardiness: Zone 4-8

Sun Requirements: Full Sun to partial shade.

Water Requirements: Moist to dry soils.

Soil Requirements: Dry and rocky soils. Loam, clay, sandy soil. Highly acidic to highly alkaline pH.

Other Info: Native to North America. The seeds ("pine nuts") are harvested in autumn (generally September through October). Usually grows on the higher elevation sites in the pinyon-juniper woodlands it occupies. Attracts birds and squirrels.