Mountain View News Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Message

Last week, the NSW Government announced a new school curriculum to streamline and strengthen what is taught so every student leaves school ready for their future.

To be implemented over the next four years, there are potentially some significant changes that will benefit your child.

Literacy and numeracy will remain the focus throughout a student’s school experience, and there may be the opportunity for students to progress through a new syllabus at their own pace. The government also agreed to provide more opportunities for senior students to gain credits for qualifications in apprenticeships.

We welcome the curriculum review and will continue our journey at Mountain View in preparing students for a future where creativity, collaboration and problem solving are highly valued.

During the break Year 12 students will be participating in a number of workshops as teachers provide extra opportunities for Year 12 to prepare for their HSC – just another example of the dedication of our teachers.

I wish you and your family a safe and happy term break and look forward to seeing all students back at school on Wednesday, July 22.

Mrs Julia Heise


Chaplain's Address

Together as a community we have marked the end of another term, 10 weeks have passed during constantly changing days. Through all the changes, disruptions, disheartenment and celebrations one thing remains the same, we are a community bound by Christ and in His leading the unknown of each day helps to cement the knowledge of who God is through it all. A God who loves, a God who sees, a God who feels, a God who knows and a God who makes a way.

He made a way to guarantee the safety of our community thus far, and we were able to celebrate what that meant with Chapels being able to come together again. Seats may have been spread further apart, the room may have smelt like disinfectant but words would fail to describe what it felt like to come together again and worship our God as a Mountain View family. It was a little piece of heavens glory on earth. Together with God, because of God and for God. Our prayer as a school is that as families go into the holiday break, that we never forget that we get to showcase little pieces of heaven's glory on earth, separate but together with God, because of God and for God.

Pr Hope, Pr Raul, Pr Terence

Mountain View Chaplains

Camp Quality Puppet Show

The Camp Quality puppeteers visited the Prep to Year 2 students at Mountain View on Wednesday 1st July to teach children about cancer. The students were introduced to a puppet called Kylie who unfortunately had cancer. Kylie shared her story with the students and they came up with ways to help Kylie as she returned back to school after chemotherapy. The puppets were there to support Kindergarten who are joining thousands of other Australian families this Saturday 4th July 2020 for their first ever ‘Camp Quality Camp In’. Kindergarten have been researching various blanket forts and trialling various recipes in preparation for their ‘Camp Quality Camp In’ night. We have currently raised $855 so far and would like to thank everyone that has supported us in this worthwhile cause. Please donate and share the link below with family and friends and join us in raising funds for Camp Quality.


Kindy H and Kindy K will be joining thousands of other Australian families for their first ever ‘Camp Quality Camp In’. Students will be setting up a campsite in their living room, backyard or anywhere at home on the evening of Saturday 4th July 2020 in the hope to raise funds for children with cancer. We are excited to join this special event as part of our ‘Service to Others Project’ as we think it is important for children to learn the importance of serving others and following the example that Jesus left for us. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $200, and we hope exceed it! Give up your morning coffee or a take away meal and donate this money towards a worthy cause. Please share this link and join us in raising funds for Camp Quality.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them”. Hebrews 6:10 (NIV)

Dissecting Session

Year 8 finally got to dissect sheep hearts and chickens wings. I say finally because both pracs were scheduled for the week that remote learning started. To put it bluntly, the students felt ripped off. So this week, we are having a closer look at the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. There are always a range of responses, but whether you love dissecting or not, it’s a good experience. Students have a better understanding of how these systems work and the intricate design of our Creator.

Year 8 Invictus Sing Off

Invictus is about encouraging students to try hard things so that they learn that they can overcome their nerves and fears to reach success. Students were very nervous when they heard they were going to have a sing off. The groups of 8 made a list of gospel songs and a list of secular songs. Then the groups had to stand and sing in unison as their group numbers were called. All students participated enthusiastically. Congratulations to Group 6 for winning 3 rounds! Turns out that facing the fear to sing resulted in a fun afternoon. This group is going to accomplish great things!

Canteen Breakfast Team

Canteen breakfast has been a wonderful addition to our School. Students and Staff alike have been enjoying the tasty egg mcmuffins, hash browns, beautiful crunchy cheese and tomato rolls and yummy hot chocolate to keep them warm during the winter season. We have many new items to add in Term 3 to our breakfast menu, so watch this space.

Student ID Cards

As the College continues to rollout new systems to improve efficiencies and ease for students, the student cards are an ever-increasing importance to student life at the College. We ask that you please check with your child/ren that they have their student card and ask that you please ensure that it is with them at school at all times. It is a requirement for students to have their cards with them each day at school.

Student Cards are required for students to:

• Tap on and off the College Buses for transportation to and from school (future plans to open a parent portal for parents to view if their child is on the bus and the bus location will require students to use their student card to tap on and off the bus.)

• Tap on and off the College Buses for school excursions, external sports and other activities that are off campus

• Borrow books from the library

• Scan in when Late to school

• Scan out when leaving Early from school

• To enter and leave the Sick Bay

• Print school Assignments and Assessments using student printers

• Make purchases from the Canteen (planned future implementation)

Should your child have misplaced their Student Card, replacement ones are available from the office. Replacement cards are $10 per card. When a replacement card is issued, the previous student card will not be invalid as all of our systems will be updated with the new card details. We would appreciate your reinforcing the importance of the student card with your children and ensure that they have it with them at all times.

Student Printing and Photocopying

We are in the process of implementing the ability for students to print their school assignments and assessments on a central printer located in the library. Students will be allocated an amount of money to their student card each year that is applicable for their year level and subjects. Students will print their work and then are required to tap their student card at the printer to enable the print job. The print job will not be able to be printed with the student tapping their student ID card. This will be effective from Monday 22 June 2020.

In the siituation that students use their allocated print allowance, additional amounts can be purchased by the students by visiting the Student Reception and paying for the extra allocation. The College’s allocation will be reset at the beginning of each school year and will be allocated on a pro-rata basis.

Introduction of Kiss & Drop Area

The College has been monitoring the front carpark in the morning and have noticed an increased level of traffic. At times the front carpark has been a little chaotic. In the interest of safety for our students, parents and carers, staff and visitors we have decided to trial an implementation of a Kiss & Drop area.

The Kiss & Drop area has been designed to allow students to be dropped off in the Bus Bays (the carpark area at the most northern area of the College). Parents with students in K-12 will pull in parallel to the kerb closest to the oval and have their children exit the car. Parents can say their good-byes for the day and then pull out exiting through the front middle gate.

Prep Students parents will need to display their Carline card and will drive through the Bus Bay down to the Prep area. Parents can walk their children to the student entry gate nearest the Admin office where they will say their good-byes for the day and the children will be escorted to Prep.

Please remember that only students and staff are permitted past in the internal gates. These changes only relate to Kiss & Drop for the morning period and the existing Carline process for the afternoons remain unchanged.

These changes will take effect from the first day of school in Term 3, Wednesday 22 July 2020. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we implement these changes to improve traffic flow and safety for all. Please see on the photo below for a more detailed outline of the Kiss & Drop Process.

Water Bottles for Students

With the ongoing situation of COVID 19, we have had to turn off the bubblers around the College. During this term, we have been providing water stations in the student reception area within the Admin building. We have requested that students bring from home water bottles filled with water that can then be refilled at school if required.

During Term 2, the college has provided disposable cups for students who have not had a water bottle. Unfortunately the supply of disposable cups to students is no longer sustainable. We are supplying hundreds of cups per day which is a waste of resources on numerous levels - additional use of plastics, increased waste and the cost is ever increasing.

We request that parents and carers ensure that students have a re-usable water bottle brought from home that can be filled at school when required or alternatively students can purchase a bottle of water from the school canteen. Please be reminded that glass bottles are not be permitted and that your child's name should be on the bottle. We will continue to provide the water stations for bottles to be refilled.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this matter. We want students to remain hydrated and ask that students be responsible for being so.


Office Closure

Please be advised that the Admin Office will be closed on Thursday 16 July due to staff training.

Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open in the School holidays on Monday and Tuesdays each week. The dates and times are as follows:

Monday and Tuesday: 6th and 7th July, 10am-2pm

Monday and Tuesday: 13th and 14th July, 10am-2pm

Monday and Tuesday: 20th and 21st July, 10am-2pm

Upcoming Dates

21 July – 7-11 Online teacher parent interviews

22 July – Term 3 begins P-12

3 August – K-6 Online teacher parent interviews

4 August – Prep Online teacher parent interviews