Social Media Post Brennan Ring

  1. Firstly poverty is a serious problem that stems from many different issues. Such as corruption of power or lack of food security. In a first world country we are not faced with the struggles of these challenges in society. I feel that poverty is an important issue because it does not get enough attention through the media. All we hear about on the news is natural disasters and politics around Trump. This being said if it did get more coverage I feel we would have a better world. The world must reshape their thinking and values before this problem can be solved. The earth should not be salvaged for its resources to sell for profit but to better mankind while using the tools we are given to our advantage I think this image is a good representation of life in the twenty first century. In a first world country we have so much temptations around us. Sugar and caffeine is an addictive thing and some people don't understand how much they consume on a daily basis. Most people in a first world country take for granted food security. I think this is because of the current food industry that is established across the globe. People do not bother to think twice about where there hamburger is coming from. We must think about the decisions we make especially when it comes to voting with our dollars. We must think are we purchasing a good or service from a company that is for sustainability or for greed?

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