My HappyLife Home

I don't want a house that does everything for me, I want a house that learns me basic things about life.

In my kitchen, there will be a large screen that will show video tutorials and an oven that stops automaticaly when the food is ready so nothing burns.

My living room willn't have brick walls, it will be glass, to see all the beautiful nature outside (because I will have a garden) and the glass is going to change color and/or opacity depens on what you are doing.

I think my bathroom is going to be one of my favourite place in my house... I want a really big bathtub that will keep the water hot so I can take long baths and stay for hours and hours. In my bathroom there will be an audio system with every songs ever written that will work with vocal command. I want all my walls to be mirrors because I really really love to try new things with my hair or clothes and if I could see all around myself that would help a lot. And I want a big fishtank with colored fishes. And by using logic you can know that there will be a toilet and a shower as well but they are way less important.

My bedroom... THE most important room! I will have a HUGE walkin to store all my clothes, shoes, coats, and underwear. My walkin will have a "brain" so I would talk to it and say what I want to wear and it will bring it to me automatically. I will have one large mirror on the wall in front of my bed and two big bookshelves on each side of it. My room will constantly play sleepy baby music because I don't sleep without that and I will have a queen size bed with boby and globule waiting for me( they are my stuffed toys). I will have a furniture all reserved to my jewleries and important stuff. I want my room all in white with small christmas lights all around and polaroids pictures of important people in my life.

Basically, that is what my house would look like in a perfect world.

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