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Hello, my name is Jasmin McDowell. I am an Undergraduate student seeking a professional entry-level position in office assisting, reception, or front desk customer service. I am also interested in retail and general customer service positions.

Below are three images that describe the whole of me as a person and a little of my background. The first image is the LinkedIn logo which represents business. The second image is a dancer which represents dance and the performing arts. The last image is a heart with a pulse which represents health and life. I have always had a love for business and performance and found a way to merge the two in my education, which I will speak on later. Lastly, in everything I do, I want to be in good health in all aspects of my life and live to the fullest.


I attend California State University, Fullerton. My major is currently Pre-business. Once I declare a concentration, my major will be a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism Management. My expected graduation date is May, 2020.

Related Experience

Starbucks Coffee

I was employed part-time by Starbucks Coffee for a year and a few months. My role was a Barista; I would hand-craft drinks, gather pastries, and deliver excellent customer service.

Duties include:

  • Hand-crafted drinks to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Cashiered purchases and registered new Starbucks rewards accounts
  • Maintained cleanliness of the store to optimize the customer experience

Related Experience cont.

Millennium Dance Complex, Orange County

Millennium Dance Complex, Orange County is a high profile dance studio in Southern California. Dancers, choreographers, and other artists alike come here to teach and receive the best dance training and experience the industry has to offer.

I was employed here from January, 2017-May, 2017 as a work-study. My role was reception and front desk customer service.

Duties include:

  • Check dancers in for class
  • Receive payment for classes and class card bundles and packages
  • Answer customer inquiries and authorize class registration over the phone
  • Update customer accounts in database
  • Maintain cleanliness of studio
  • Purchase and restock studio supplies

Related Experience cont.

Old Navy Department Store

Old Navy is a department store apart of the GAP company. Their merchandise is geared towards every member of the family, from newborn to adult.

I was employed here from May, 2015 to June, 2016 as a part-time sales associate and ship-to-store associate.

Duties Included:

  • Answered customer inquiries and anticipated customer need
  • Cashiered purchases, returns, exchanges, and new store accounts
  • Ordered, scanned, wrapped, and packaged product for shipping to customers nationwide
  • Maintained neatness and organization of fitting room
  • Created clothing displays and stocked shelves with inventory
  • Managed certain group activities during shift (guide co-workers in "go-backs", store organization, time management)

Relevant Coursework

Business Communications

I took this course as a sophomore in high school. A relevant project was the typing speed activity portfolio. Everyday , students performed an online typing speed test as a class warm-up. Our scores were recorded at the end of each test; at the end of the semester, we made a portfolio of all of our scores to see our progress overtime and our current typing speed. This was used for some students to put on their resume to apply to office positions and entry-level internships in the business administration field.

BUAD 300

This course was taken in my Freshman year of college. One relevant class assignment was the resume and position posting assignment. I was tasked with finding a job posting I wanted to apply for and tailoring my resume to its components. This assignment is relevant because I learned to create a resume based on what a specific company is looking for. I learned how to highlight the strengths I possess and only include relevant information to the posting in my resume and cover letter.

My Elevator Pitch

Thank you!


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