Felix Bass Practice Diaries

Practice Diary session 1 - Researching blues

For my first session, I wanted to practise blues on my guitar. I did this by going onto youtube and watching videos on how to create blues songs. I watched these kind on videos because they would give me riffs and scales that i could use for when it comes to turning a song into blues or having to do a blues improvisation. The videos i watched showed me where typical blues chords and solos are played and the key that they are played in ( E,A and D etc). I took notes on where i could play these rifts and scales and then got some improvisation tracks on youtube so when i practise, have something to practise along to. This is a video i found very helpful with where to play blues and the keys and frets to play on .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a086NzAFti4

Practise session 2- playing along to blues baking tracks

In my second session, i got some blues backing tracks up in minor and major and in the key of A,D,E and F. I started to play along to them and played scales that were in the key. I found that using bends were very blues but also having breaks between notes not just constant playing so i could play for 3 bars an have a 1 bare break or a 4 bar break to space out when im doing. After i practised backing tracks, i moved onto playing along to real blues songs such as jimi hendrix which i know is blues rock but you could still play blues to the song, i mostly played along to red house because that had the typical blues bass line and drums and was mostly instrumental which was good to practise along to. After a while of playing along to songs and seeing what i could do, i set my self for the next session to make my own blues songs so i recorded myself playing a chord progression that consisted of Dmaj, Dmaj7, D7, Gmaj, Fmin, Gmaj and Amaj and hopefully when i come to my next practise session, i will be apple to play along to these chords and create something that is blues.

Practise session 3 blues - playing along to my chord progression

For this session, i tried to make a blues improvised solo over a chord progression i made and recorded. i started off by listening to it and figuring out if ill be playing in D maj or D minor because the song is in D major but the Dmaj7 and D7 make it minor and you can come up with something good in D minor and i find it easier to come up with something in D minor. Eventually, i came up with some parts that i could put together in the chord progression that sounded good and that used blues aspects on guitar like pitch bends and having breaks between somethings i played. I feel like i have improved because i have learnt alot more on blues and how blues is played and the keys they are normally played in. I feel that if i was to come up with a solo or song in blues, i feel like i could do that with confidence.

Practise session 4 - practising classical to improve finger work and playing the guitar in general

In the session, i wanted to improve my finger playing and my technique on playing the guitar because i felt that i have some bad habits that are stopping me from progressing on gaining speed on guitar but also technique and i know that practising some classical will improve where my finger are played and which finger will play which notes. I started by looking up scales i could use to practise with and i found this scale that i use to practise with to warm up but also to get used to where i place my fingers.

Practise session 5 classical - learning songs that will help with my tehnique

In this practise session, I wanted to learn a classical that would focus on my technique ability. i looked at some songs and decided to learn Cavatina by Stanley Myers. I decided to do this song because i thought it was quiet a hard song to learn but also in my ability to learn. It had alot of times where it changed from chords to notes quickly. I didn't aim to learn the song up to the original speed, i wanted to play it and be able to play notes and chords cleanly while being able change between the two quickly.

Practise session 6 classial - progression with the song

After 2 days of practising, I got a hand of the song and was able to play the first minute of it, at first i struggled with the finger placement but after watching different people playing it and watching where their fingers go and where they are placed, i got a grip on where my fingers went. I struggled on changing from chords to notes quickly but i slowed it down so then i could practise that way and build it up slowly to then eventually being able to change and quiet a fast pace. At the end of my practise session, i was pleased with the progression that i had made with improving my technical ability and i wan to keep practising the song and using the scale to warm up with but also to help improve my skill.


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