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My name is Anna I am from Russia. and I came to America when I was about 12 and I was with my family with my brother and my mother not my dad because he past away when I was 6. It was very hard because we had to leave our home country and we could only take a few things. I only took cloths and the stuft animal my father gave me for my birth day one year.Me and my brother did not want to leave but mother said it was for the best .So off we went. The trip was very long I think it was about a week . There were so many people my mom had a very contagious eye disease i think it was called trachoma many years ago we were lucky that it went away before we arrived to Ellis island because we could have been sent back . the day we arrived it was relay early in the morning when my brother wakes me up saying that we arrived at Ellis island When I saw the statue of liberty I felt so happy then we wake up our mother and we head in.We went threw a place called the baggage room me and my brother did not know how to speak English but mother did so we did not know what to do in that room they put identity tags .I can't remember the room after that but next was the medical exam if people were sick they were marked with a piece of chalk.Then there was the kissing post witch we did not rely do any thing but the day they called us to leave was my father's birth day so my mother was sad but then they called us to go so we went and then some people said welcome to America . That was a log time ago I think about 20 years ago now I live in Tampa Florida with my brother and I am now 34 years old. I am now a life guard at Tampa beach and my brother is a part time police man and fire man.

  1. the statue of liberty is was not green at first .It was brown.
  2. It was made in Paris and then given to us as a present.
  3. I took people 20 years to plan and build the statue of liberty.
  4. the statue of liberty was decanted on October 28,16
  • listening to the audio
  • looking at the old pictures
  • learning about all the places they had to go threw to get to Amierica

source:Ellis Island Interactive Tour Brain pop Jr statue of Liberty Google Images,


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