Ancient India by marisol p.

This is how Ancient India looks like.


The location where Ancient India is in Asia .Ancient India is near Arabia sea and the bay of Bengal. The average temperature is about 74 Fahrenheit. The Ganges River climate ranges from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate can go as low as -75 degrees Fahrenheit. The valleys, mountains and waterways that are in Ancient India are Himalayas, Narmada river, Krishna river, Ganges river, the Indus valley river , and Godard river.

This is Ancient India on a map


Ancient India started in 2700 B.C.E. Ancient India ended in 550 B.C. The civilization ended because Asoka there leader died and everyone went crazy that they started to kill each other. The Enemies that ancient India had are the Aryans, Hindus, and the Eratosthenes. The major discoveries are that they made the first University in the whole wide world. The Impacts on ancient world and other civilizations are Yoga, Hand designs, buttons and chest.


The population is 1,400 cities. In each city there are about 35,000 people. The language that they use is pictographs and dialects. In the family The dad maintains the house, And he can have up to two wife's. The wife's get all the freedom that they want, They teach there kids how to maintain the house. Kids get to help their parents, they play with toys, and they miss out on school.


The food they have are harappans, wheat, rice, chicken, citron fruit, cows, pigs, sheep, lentils, chickpeas, and they like to chew on sugar canes. Their religions are Buddhism and Hinduism. Their fashion suri, beads, bronze, gold, silver, and sharp steel needles. The art that they have are Ajanta, Dadami, Pa Mulai, Sittanavasal, Tanjore, Polotmarura, and Sri Lanka.

This is lentils.
These are chickpeas.
This is citron fruit. Citron fruit is like a lemon.


The leaders that they had were Ashoka And Chandragupta Maura. They became leaders because they were noble.Their Social class were Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas, Dhama, and Shastra. Some of the laws that they had were: have to protect other people, Bestow gifts, and Offer sacrifices.


The types of jobs that they have are Brahmans, Kshatriya, Guru, and Varanasi. The type of money that they have are punch marked coins, Gupta, Krupp, and more. Ancient India traded with China, Rome, and Egypt. They traded weaves, pots, silver, timber, metals, potters, gold, copper, and grain.


The games that they played were model, marbles, masks, ocarina, sand, and chess. The kids learn at home or help their parent with the work they have to do. The teaches the or help the kids with there work. The dad usually stays home or works.

This is the game ocarina.


The name india come from the indus river. The land was known as Bharatavarsha. They found a 4,000 year old india skelton along with others. They also found two cities called Daro and Papar.


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