10 Tips For the Baby 3 By: Casey Campbell

My Experience With the Baby 3

Before I received my baby 3 I had received "war stories" about other people's experiences but in my case I was very excited to receive my baby 3.

I knew that my experience would be great if I followed the certain "guidelines" of the project.

All you have to do is follow these 10 tips and you will be the Baby expert.

  1. Get the Mobil App.

This app will help you to remember all, of the tips and tricks that you have learned from this presentation.

2. Keep your bracelet handy

This bracelet will let the monitor in the baby know that it is really you taking care of the baby

  • The baby will NOT except Care if the bracelet is not sensed

3. Let others hold your baby.

  • But make sure they hold the Baby correctly

4. Name your baby

  • If you would like you can name your baby. By doing that you may feel more attached to the baby and won't be calling the baby "IT"
  • I Named my baby Lorelai or Rory for short

5. Make sure to properly support baby's head and neck.

  • If not done correctly baby will cry uncontrollably for a good period of time

6. Keep Track of Baby's Stuff

The baby will come with a lot of materials that will be needed in order to receive the best possible grade on the baby 3 project.

Your baby will come with...

  • Two diapers (green and yellow)
  • Pajamas (with sensor in fabric)
  • Sweatshirt and Pants (with sensor in fabric)
  • Bottle (to feed baby with)
  • Small one piece outfit (with sensor in fabric)
  • Standard car seat
  • Diaper bag
  • Blanket
  • Hat
  • Socks

7. Keep the baby warm

Your baby 3 has a thermometer inside that tells weather or not your baby was too cold or too warm which could result in a loss of points

  • Make sure to bundle up baby when outside or on the bus/car


  • The baby doll is meant to teach you to NEVER shake your baby. If you do end up shaking your baby the baby will start to cry uncontrollably and a report will go to your teacher about abuse.
  • This will lead to a significant drop of points

9. What to do when the baby starts to cry

When my baby would start to cry I would start to go through a schedule of what might stop the crying.

  1. Try to feed the baby
  2. Try to change the baby
  3. Rock the baby until it stops crying

10. Have fun!

  • Your time with the real care baby is very short and you will may miss the baby when it is over.
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so you should take full advantage of it.

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