Titanic Project By: RILEY OLSON

April 10, 1912

As we boarded the Titanic my brother Jake was throwing a paddy on the deck of the ship. My brother was in a argy-bargy with my mom because he paste my mom. "You are going to have hard cheese on this ship if you don't settle down", mom said loudly. I was so scundered. By the time we got to our room on the top floor i was so racked i fell straight asleep. The ship was ace.

April 11, 1912

The next day by brother Jake was olagonin about being aboard the extremely large vessel. " I want to watch the new show on the idiot box!", Jake yelled loudly. "no!" mom yelled back. "Me and your father got you bang to rights taking that doofer!'' mom sighed "You grounded fortnight." mom said angrily. So i continued to explore the ship for the rest of the night and every one was saying "cheers" to Thomas Andrews ,the maker of the ship,.

April 12, 1912

We had been aboard the Titanic for about two days now and everything seemed the same. I met my mates near the front of the ship to play a little footy. The winning team would earn a zonk. I happened to earwig on what the captain was talking to his crew about how they were not going to stop at night anymore. I thought it would just wag off for the entire voyage.

April 13, 1912

This "unsinkable" ship had a lot of tosh on it. Apparently one of the smoke stacks were skint. When Thomas Andrews became the Graffer I often wondered what he had to do to get prepared. When i went back to our room at the very bottom of the ship because we were third class, there was silence in the air. Not one word was around and the rozzers were walking around making sure people don't go where their not supposed to be. Unfortunately I fell asleep immediately.

April 14, 1912

The next morning i got up at 9:30 and went to the top deck. I looked for Thomas Andrews to have a small talk with him ,but i never found him. I had a sick feeling in my stomach that something bad was going to happen later in the day. It was about eleven o'clock at night when i went to sleep on this 884 ft. ship that was traveling at 21 kn(24 mph)which was already scary enough i was scared and ready to be on land.

Thomas Andrews (maker of ship)

April 15, 1912

It was almost two o'clock in the morning when i was shooken awake with a screech. Me, my mom, My father, and my brother all got up and were dressed in a heart beat. We got up to the top deck of the ship where me, my mom, and Jake were separated for my father. I was screaming for my father as all the crowds started to show up. The only twenty life boats were leaving the ship only half as full as they needed to be. there were about 2,200 people on the vessel. The screams for help were loud. until the ship went up and snapped in half as it sunk. I was terrified as i started to cry as my father and my others went down with the ship. There were only about 705 survivors. Over 1,000 people died in this tragic event.

one grave of many that died on the titanic

British/Irish words


Bang to rights(caught red handed)

doofer(unnamed object)


Fortnight(2 weeks)


Hard cheese(bad luck)

Idiot box(television)

Paddy(temper tantrum)




wag off(waste time)



Cheers(thank you)



Zonk(one pound coin)



olagonin(moaning and complaining)

this is an official ticket to board the titanic


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