Composition Rules Paige Robinson

Rule Of Thirds; He is on the far right side filling 1 third of the frame
Repetition; All of the lockers are the same
Angle: The vending machine is shot from below at an angle, but the camera is not tilted.
Strong Subject; He is filling the frame, not. 100% but enough to know that he is the main focus
Framing; Every stone with writing focus around the patriot, it is noticeable that the stone patriot is the central focus.
Leading Lines; The lines on the case leads the eyes to the trophies inside the box
Intrusions; The glare at the bottom takes away the attention of the woman's face
Bright Spots; The pattern of the lights on the floor indicates the bright sports in the photo
Directional Errors; The officer is facing away from the camera
Selective Focus; The back is blurred as the central focus is the lotion bottle.

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