Snap, Crackle, & POP Week!


We played lots of indoor games this week, like heads up 7 up and gaga ball. We had fun with the magnetic tiles in indoor free time. We built towers, houses, and even a mini gaga ball court. Some students looked for Waldo in one of our Waldo books and other colored velvet coloring pages. We also played dodgeball and doctor doctor.

"Pop" Tarts!

To go along with our "Snap, Crackle and Pop Week", we made Pop Tarts! We cut up strawberries and mixed the pieces with some strawberry jam. Using pie dough, we filled our pop tarts with the jam and strawberries and baked them in the oven. After they were baked, we decorated them with icing and sprinkles. Yum!

Outdoor fun!

We played basketball on the patio this week. We practiced shooting hoops and passing the ball. While some played basketball, others decorated the patio with chalk, writing "Welcome" and their names. We had outdoor free time on the field too, were we played soccer, played with jump ropes and practiced throwing footballs.

"Pop"corn Olympics!

Thursday, January 19th was National Popcorn Day, so this week we celebrated popcorn by participating in a POPCORN OLYMPICS! There were three games to participate in. 1st was the Popcorn Pickup where the game was getting as much popcorn from one bowl to the other only using two skewers. We also only had 30 seconds! 2nd was the Popcorn Toss where we competed to see who could throw a piece of popcorn the farthest. Underhand? Overhand? Everyone had a chance to win, we found out popcorn was hard to throw far. Our 3rd and final game was the Popcorn Straw Race. Each student started at opposite ends of a table with a piece of popcorn and a straw. The goal was to get your piece of popcorn to the other side only using the air coming out of your straw.

Balloon "pop" badminton

To end our week we played an awesome game of balloon badminton. We made our own paddles with our own nick name. Then we practiced our balloon skills in the practice arena. Then it was time for the game! Who could keep the ball from falling to the ground? The after schoolers strategized, ran, jumped, and had a blast playing balloon badminton.


Next Week

  • Next weeks theme is "Robot Week". We will be making our own robot inspired movie on Friday. We will make costumes, backdrops, andĀ props for our movie too. We will then watch the movie on Monday 1/30. On Wednesday, our food craft will be robot pizzas (English muffin pizza with robot shaped toppings). We can't wait!

Thank you for a great week!

Angela Owens

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